More Ways to gain Reputation for Athena please!

  • Please bring out more ways to get reputation for Athena that doesn’t make you have to turn in treasure. 98% of my time on SoT is solo not very many people want to go for legends or Athena runs. Friends have stopped playing the game as well. For someone like me a solo player who’s done 4 chest of legends runs all by myself on 4 different servers with nothing to show because I was attack by a bigger ship and or bigger crew that was camping at the outpost. I’ve slowly stopped playing bec of this, it’s gone from a fun game with the occasional attacks to no one plays the game anymore they just simply hide and trap others. Now your providing cannons on outpost for them!? Before people start trolling or barking I get it it’s a pirate game you steal from others. But for solo players this is very frustrating you spend hours to get nothing. All the reputation comes from turning in the loot. Why not give decent amounts of reputation for each part of the mission you complete or treasure you dig up. That way not all your time was wasted. It’s the biggest reason people quit this game and why I’ve slowly stopped playing. I love the game but will not play knowing I could jump online for 3-4hrs of a day to end up with absolutely nothing gained from an Athena quest or legends. Takes too long to do any Athena or legends mission just to have them ripped away from you as a solo player. And when all that’s left to do is rank up your Athena reputation the game gets ruined. If there was any good amount of reps given during the mission having the treasure stolen from you would not be as bad because now getting reps is not solely focused on having to turn in the treasure. Making it worth spending the time knowing while doing the mission your ranking up and it doesn’t matter as much if your treasure gets stolen.

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  • When I'm playing solo I do the legend of the veil and it's very quick and extremely easy to gain rep that way. I just do the first two parts of the quest, sell the loot and start another legend of the veil. Repeat several times. You can hit level 5 emissary really quick, especially if you get sunken ships as a quest. And don't forget to place both veils stones before canceling the voyage, it gives huge bonus to emissary level. I gained like 12 athena levels already doing it that way.

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    Don't wait with turning in Athena items until you have the Athena or until you're rank 5 of Emissary. That should fix the

    with nothing to show / you spend hours to get nothing / I could jump online for 3-4hrs of a day to end up with absolutely nothing gained from an Athena quest or legends.


  • more ways to get reputation for Athena that doesn’t make you have to turn in treasure.

    Isn't that how all reputation is earned...? Like totally at all? Sure there's a commendation reward here and there but loot is THE way of progressing the game. Emissary grade is your reward for completing mission objectives.

    I know that not having the faction maxed out sucks but honestly if you're not having fun playing the game because of it, genuinely find something else in the game to do. Go back to old content FOR FUN. Do things for FUN not because it makes funny number go up, grinding the game isn't healthy tbh.

  • @enplosion I do LotV solo constantly. Have even been attacked at the end while loading the fortress loot and still managed to get away and drive-by sell.

    Some tips for this voyage specifically.

    To avoid the ambush, don't sell at the outpost nearest where you finish the voyage, these voyages take time and allow an easy setup at the most obvious outpost.
    During the final stage, pick a circular route to defeat the small islands quickly and remove that tornado from visibility, run right at the fortress once the tornado is down and stay tight to it and focus on completing it in one circle as slow as you need to hit your targets and periodically repair your ship from the ghost ship fire.

    We have plenty of ways to get athena gold/rep, 4 to be precise which is more than most other factions. You are picking the newest and most risky one. The global storm/tornado combined with an emissary flag is currently the riskiest activity in the game while also being one of the most rewarding for Athena ships. If you still feel like it is too much for you, do Thieves Haven runs or regular/ashen athena voyages.

  • @enplosion use the “Looking for Group” option and post a title about the session you plan to do. It will help you find a crew that wants to achieve the same things As you and work together.

  • @vito1700 thank you for the info I’ll keep trying to find a crew.

  • Best advice I can give is this. Before you even start a Voyage, check all the Emissary tables. Finding a "quiet" server with no other ships running Emissary gives you somewhat better odds of not having someone wreck your day.
    After every veil stone stuck in the mask, check your map table on your ship and make sure you still have no Reapers on the server. It is better to sell what loot you have than to lose it all.
    Stacking loot is never a good idea, however if you're only concentrating on Veil quests you're going to be stacking, I'd suggest 1veil stones then a sell, check your server, look around, and then place your second stone in to trigger the tornado with nothing on your ship and then you could sell your CoL as a grade 5...
    Just my 2 cents

  • that doesn’t make you have to turn in treasure.

    You mean like all the other factions accomplish levels? You want Athena to be the odd man out.

  • Perspective?

    I went from 13 ish to 19 and a half since the Veil voyage was added. Yes. 2 GG weekends. (One of which was mostly on a side pirate)

    Other than maybe selling gems to Athena it's fine.

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