I feel like clothing cosmetics would generate more $$$ if not a single costume.

  • I imagine you would sell a lot more clothing cosmetics if you let people mix and match instead of doing whole costumes. Just a suggestion.

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  • what? that's already how it is...

  • So you can mix and match costumes now or did I miss something? Last I checked costumes are just that, costumes. You can't equip anything else in a costume. Costumes should be broken down into pieces like normal clothing purchases.

    Perhaps you just misunderstood the post.

  • It definitely would. I’d pay money to have Barbossa’s Hat if I didn’t have to wear an entire costume with it.

  • Agreed. I never bought a costume from the emporium because of this exact reason. If there were separate clothing pieces I'd 100% buy some.

  • @z3phlar i agree. the costume they added at athenas level 30 in my opinion is hot garbage, however the curse that comes with it is super cool and would be great to have separately.

  • I agree, case in point I really enjoy the new prehistoric outfit but I don't do peg legs as most the people I sail with have peg legs too. If I had noticed it before I definitely wouldn't have bought the outfit although I really enjoy elements of the outfit.

  • If they split the costumes up into pieces, the pieces won't look the same as they do as part of the costume because they'd have to conform to the limitations of clothing. Costumes can look the way they do because they are able to modify your character's model while clothing cannot and doesn't have to worry about being compatible with every other clothing piece.

    It's probably also more likely that someone is going to buy a costume because it does something unique vs. spending real money on a pair of pants when they can spend in-game gold on pants in the outpost store.

  • @d3adst1ck Yes, that's the problem, but they could put parts of the costume separately as a bonus.

    Have emotes, hats or some items come separately as a bonus, parts to use without the costume... The Barrel Bombardier set already does something like this by putting on face paint.

  • I would definitely buy the costumes if they were broken into pieces to allow free customisation like any other cosmetics to create your very own unique pirate

2 out of 10