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  • At First i live this Game and in my oppinion its the best Game in the World right now. But pleaseee put More Players on one Server!!! That would be awesome!

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  • @knax-on-1fps They would if they could, but they can't so they shan't

  • @scurvywoof Why?

  • @knax-on-1fps Issues with server stability dictate reasons for the current number of players per session.

  • Add one ship won’t change

  • I'm skeptical of more people per server being a benefit to the overall environment.

    More people somewhat serves some people depending on their piratical aggression but crowding is counterproductive for loot production.

    lots of people already avoid world events a lot

    lots of people are already tired of a respawn system that leans towards server hopping and favors those with nothing to lose

    server hopping pvp, no effort chainshots, and flooded supplies already frustrates producers to the point where they would rather be unproductive while running for hours as a way of fighting back in their view.

    Not all combat is quality combat in a risk/reward environment

    people will run with the narrative "I just want to fight to fight" but what the activity has always shown is that a majority of people actually want to fight for something, not just deal with people that they find annoying.

    People are very different in this game when it comes to preferences and styles of gameplay. Flooding servers doesn't change that it just leads to more personal conflict and less loot production. This doesn't mean that nobody will enjoy it, some will, but overall it will take away parts that many do enjoy.

    Adventure will never be arena no matter what feature tries to make it a hybrid. Can't force people into something they didn't sign up for, they will just get frustrated and find something else.

    Especially in an environment where the positive effects of effort and investment in a server have been repeatedly weakened by trying to make it an action heavy game for streaming/video content. A repeated sacrifice to balanced risk/reward so hopping pvpers can be their own Michael Bay of piracy.

    Pvers and people that want to be left alone are told all the time that it is part of the game and it's true.

    Guess what? so are effort and the hunt for reward. This game wasn't built on a foundation of handing it to people just because they want it or want more of it and that applies to people that want more combat and interaction as well.

  • I disagree, right now I think we have an excellent balance. Sighting player ships is uncommon enough that it carries some spice. Constant butting of heads can and does become tiresome.

    As things stand, players get plenty of breathing room to do their thing if they so wish, but they can also attract some PvP heat if they so desire. Stuff like FoF and FotD springs to mind.

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