so, this just happened

  • Soulflame kegs still about?

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  • If you're talking about the green tint to the explosion, regular kegs have occasionally had them when water is involved for quite a long time.

    This is me getting bird kegged months ago

    green tint

  • Yeah Pith, I watched that clip twice and couldn't figure out what you're asking lol

  • @fishyjoesalt

    Looked like one of the splodeyboats explosions. Like the skellies stole some of the Keg Rowboat kegs by ripping them off the back.

    Just chalk it up to the magic of SoT then

  • It doesnt happen often, but I've seen greenish keg explosions before. I guess the skeletons former owner died of plague or summat 🤷‍♂️

  • Hey! This happened to me the other day. We happened upon a skelly fort to load up supplies. While the wife ran around collecting them with a storage crate, i rounded up all the powder kegs and laid them out in the water to do a domino affect. One of them was a dud with a very week green explosion.

  • Here is the clip:

  • @pithyrumble keg exploding under water so close to the shore always explodes like that...

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