Cheaters, cheaters and more cheaters.

  • It's amazing how season after season I always regret playing Sea of ​​Thieves again. After all these years, I find it hard to believe that a decent solution to the biggest problem in Sea of ​​Thieves has not been found.

    The cheaters.

    Part of the fun of the game is obviously the piracy; mugging and robbing is pretty much the lynchpin of the game, but there's nothing more frustrating than fighting someone you know you have nothing to do with.

    I am very much in favor of competition and fair play. If we go into combat and you are more skilled or your strategy has disarmed me, I don't mind losing the loot, as I said, it is the cornerstone of the game.
    but again and again you find the same thing: people who know your location at all times, perfect shots with firearms and, worst of all, cannonballs that are clearly aimed at the characters and not at the ships.

    These are situations that happen constantly in all games of Sea of ​​Thieves to the point that the strange thing is to enter a map where there are no people with these "wonderful abilities".

    Again, losing the loot is not a bother but it is unbearably irritating the fact that after a quest or voyage in which you have spent an hour or more, someone simply appears against whom you know you have nothing to do. There is no strategy, there is no combat, there is no use of the environment that works to fight against something that, clearly, is not fair and is not on equal terms.

    If only there was a much more accessible way to report this scourge, perhaps, with the community working together, we could make the Sea of ​​Thieves waters a healthier place, but worst of all, even in this, cheaters have advantages.

    Not only do you have to have proofs and image or video captures, which I don't deny makes sense, but you also need the gamertag.

    This would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that many times you are dead before even seeing the name of your assailant, not to say that you are rarely attentive to capturing the video evidence that the combat itself but, in addition, the function Recent Players seldom works properly to find people to report.

    I would also dare to say that the game records enough information so that through its analysis and comparing statistics, it would easily come to light who is using cheats and who is not.

    I am completely unaware of the internal measures that the developers may be working on or have implemented. But what I do know is that taking measures such as closing the Arena (probably due to the abuse of cheats in this mode) and the creation of participatory events such as the fight for Golden Sands, without first taking action on the great problem that the use of cheating in this game seems to me the most counterproductive of all possible actions to improve the enjoyment of all Sea of ​​Thieves lovers.

    Honestly, I don't know how many opportunities or how much longer I will put up with this situation, but I definitely don't think I'm alone in this opinion and, I hope that this comment, although it is not a solution, helps to encourage people, to express their discontent with the issue, as to collaborate in the complaint and report all those actions that go against the enjoyment of the community.

    "Take What You Can, Give Nothing Back"

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  • What good do these vague accusatory threads do? All it does it contribute to people justifying accusations.

    It's never proof it's never evidence of anything widespread it's just witch hunting the boogeyman at the cost of sportsmanship and benefit of the doubt within the community.

    You bring up a healthy environment. Healthy environments value accuracy about each other and there isn't anything to show the rampant cheating accusations other than people claiming it. Venting doesn't make an accusation true or accurate it just becomes a manipulation tactic where loudness is used to push people one way or another.

    Two accusations in this game make it exhausting to participate in, constant accusations of rampant cheating and toxicity. It gets old, it's negative, it's not pleasant to be around. It weakens the environment.

  • people who know your location at all times, perfect shots with firearms and, worst of all, cannonballs that are clearly aimed at the characters and not at the ships.

    Depending on what you mean “your location” on your ship, water or island? Depending on those it very easy to guess which way or where you might end up as you move. Player habits

    Perfect shots come with practice and also blame the hitreg/server

    Cannonballs. Hmm are we again talking about a moving ship or stationary? If the ship is moving. You know bouncing waves which make aiming at the haul troublesome, I am down and waves force my aim up which happen to hit a player.

    “Recent players” is always good way to find out players you just encounter names or idk “record last 1min clips”

  • @frostonovik If you think someone has broken the Code of Conduct just report that person, block from further interaction and move on.

    The forums are not the place to discuss cheating as only support can help you.

  • Ahoy!

    I'm going to lock this thread for now on the basis that it invites the potential for unhelpful and trolling commentary. If you suspect someone is cheating, please remember to record it and submit it to support so they can handle the situation.

    May the seas be in your favor.

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