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  • I think most veteran players with 400+ hours can all agree to some extent that this game may be playing a bit safe for new content, let me explain. Anyone who got the game around launch can agree there really wasn't much to do, only major event was the skeleton fortress which if anyone played back then will remember how insane it was fighting over those. Through the next couple years this game seemed to be making good headway adding new content that was new, refreshing, something to peak interest, but now it just seems to be forts as the answer.

    If you know what I'm talking about then you may agree there needs to be a change, Rare needs to take a leap and experiment and the adventures are a start. However I feel a better answer is giving players something to grind at, and that is where these two faction ideas come in.

    Both these ideas are relatively shared among the community from what I've discussed with players so you probably will likely connect on these ideas.

    1. Hunters Call emissary
      Rare showed in the previous adventure with the summoning of the shrouded ghost that they can allow for designated megalodon spawns, however rather then the loot being your typical random assortment of items, it instead would be meg teeth, gems, and maybe using the effigies to capture the souls to sell. All of this would level up the emissary flag and the grade five quest could be a kraken location for a challenge that gives good loot but will definitely be a challenge. If rare wanted to be more bold, the shrines could be accommodated for the faction as killing sirens is still in a sense hunting sea life.

    2. New PvP faction (name can be up to rare)
      Now we all remember the reapers original purpose, but as many PvP players can most definitely relate, most reapers run...I am more worried about a default sloop then a grade 5 reaper galleon these days and that's really showing how bad it's become. Now what I propose for this new faction is an assortment of other players ideas that I've combined into this one. With the implementation of the journal entries, now we've all seen the "treasure donated" one pop up meaning another crew has been so kind to take your loot off your hands in a totally peaceful way (sarcasm). What I think rare should incorporate is a faction in which you can ONLY sell loot that was first touched by another crew, meaning you can't grind your own loot and plan on leveling it up, it needs to be stolen loot. Furthermore to prevent server alliances from abusing this and earning it easy, also any loot acquired by the alliance can't be sold, plus being in an alliance and selling the stolen loot, no 50% will be given to the other crew, the only crew making money and reputation is the one selling the loot. To further add a sprinkle of PvP, you can only sell the loot collected while the flag is flown, meaning no stacking and throwing up a grade one for some quick reputation, all items must be acquired while flying the flag in order to sell. This would encourage more combat and to make it even more challenging on the crew that raises the emissary of this new faction. Much like the reapers it will be visible on the map however I think a way to make it more challenging is to make it so all players on the map can see the ship type of this new emissary as well though that's just a thought.

    Let me know your thoughts on these ideas and if you agree it would be a nice change to the game.

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  • I think most veteran players with 400+ hours can all agree to some extent that this game may be playing a bit safe for new content

    Go on....

    Anyone who got the game around launch can agree there really wasn't much to do

    true, but it was enough to get started.

    Hunters Call emissary

    Sure why not, but I believe they aren't part of the large group of factions. They are there own thing and dont care of the others. Why must they raise a flag to have people support them when all they want is fish. :p
    Tho it would bring new voyages and stuff.

    New PvP faction


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