New sitting feature needs options

  • So sitting around your ship or in a tavern or wherever you find the option to sit needs equipment options open for use. For sure, fishing and tankard are the most prominent to use. Also, pretty much all equipment, but shovel, would be best and greatest. Just imagine sitting and drinking and eating fried chicken til someone pulls out their pistol and shots across the table. It’s a Greedo and Han Solo moment all over, in other words, awesomeness.
    This is a must do for future updates, please and thanks
    Cheers! Fate XD

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  • So basically you want to sit and use equipment. Sure, sounds good to me.

  • How else are we pirates going to sit down around a tavern table and emote rolling dice during a roleplaying session as normal, law-abiding citizens? 😅

  • i'd like to sit on the ship rail and play instruments... glad to see someone else has had a similar idea :)

    also opening quest maps and the compass...

    but also it would be nice if there were a few more spots on the ship to sit... on the helm rail, the crows nest rail and on the rear rail as well

    sitting out on the sail booms would also be really cool :)

    and just for memes, sitting on the stove and lighting your own butt on fire

    oh and another thing i thought of... you should be able to to "upper body" variants of all the emotes while sitting...
    so we can play dice around a table and do "three sheets to the wind" while talking

  • I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this ended up being a new social feature in season 9. So you might be waiting a while, but it could definitely happen and most (if not all) of us would like that very much!

  • I was completely let down when I tried the sitting mechanic.

    I assumed that the ability to use instruments/tankard/fishing rod when sitting would have been included from the start. Those are activities that people often participate in while sitting and I have no idea why this wouldn't be included, because without them sitting seems completely useless.

    But what I found even more disappointing/troubling was the fact that the game doesn't even recognize the player's "gaze" when they're sitting. When a friend and I were sitting at the same table, I asked if they could see when I was looking at/away from them, but the game doesn't seem to key off of this at all. This game absolutely nailed all of the subtle/little nicety mechanics when it came out (such as the change in sound when jumping with a cannonball vs. chainshot).

    Recently, it seems that they haven't been doing these sorts of things as much, or maybe it's just that server stability is interfering with it.

  • @galactic-geek said in New sitting feature needs options:

    How else are we pirates going to sit down around a tavern table and emote rolling dice during a roleplaying session as normal, law-abiding citizens? 😅

    While I would love this, it also makes me think that the approach on Dice was wrong - and I did try suggesting this to begin with.

    With sitting, it would be pretty tough to backlog key all Emotes to work while Sitting, and only have some Emotes work while Sitting would feel clunky. Using both Tools and Weapons while Sitting seems like it could be reasonable (though some would be more on the pointless side, may as well let them be pulled like anything else in this case). As such, Dice should have been added as a new Tool option, and had a Type selection menu to change Die Type similar to how Instruments have a Shanty selection menu.

    This would have facilitated having Skins for Dice over time (both ingame and in Emporium), and would have made for the simple solution as it pertains to using things while Sitting (which is to say just let us pull out and use Tools and Weapons). It would have also facilitated more uses.

    The mechanics could have been: Idle is Dice in Hand with fingers cupped to block the view from others, Primary Action would be to close the first and shake the Dice to produce a random value, and Secondary Action would be to extend the hand out to show the Dice and Result to others.

    This would have allowed people to make custom Dice games more easily, facilitated attempts at cheating at those games by trying to quick shake unnoticed to get a better result in a game, would have simplified using them when Sitting, and opened up so much more potential than just adding a slew of Emotes.

    Anyways, I'm not disagreeing with your idea, it just sent me off onto a little mini rant cause I hate they went the route they did with those.

    On a different note, I agree with the idea above that Head Tracking should also be a thing while we are Sitting. Missed opportunity to not have that for sure.

  • I love the reply’s so far, it seems like this should have been already part of sitting, tools, weapons and quest items for sure are the simplest change, where as emotes would be more of an issue, dice being the main emote, that making dice a tool instead would be a nice fix.
    But all can agree, tools weapons and quest items a must.
    Sitting on the map table of the ship while reading a tall tale guide book, great.
    Fishing with friends sitting on the docks, ideal.
    Sitting in the captains chair and shooting the first boarder to walk through the door, priceless. XD

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