Add a bounty system

  • I think it could be fun to add the ability to place a bounty on another player's head. I imagine it being like when you hide treasures and share the maps:

    You can place a bounty on someone's head or on a crew, using your own golden coins (if you choose to place a 2000 gold coins bounty on someone, that money gets drawn from your savings and placed on the contract)

    That contract could be accepted by someone or a crew at an outpost (and would then become invisible for other players, so only one crew can get it.), at which point they would always see the prey's ship on the map. Meanwhile, the prey will get a one time warning that they are being hunted, but not by whom. (that warning would of course reappear every time that person connects to the game).
    If the bounty hunter sinks the target's ship and kills him, he gets the gold coins, but if the target manages to survive, kill the hunter and sink their ship first, they get half the bounty money, and the contract closes (the other half is given back to the person who put a bounty out there, with a message that the player got away).
    I think it would be an interesting mechanic to add to the game, because it would allow a player to settle grudges or have a fun hunt with other players, while having other people give it a go and get some money out of it - if they think the money is worth the danger.
    From a lore point of view, pirates would definitely put bounties on enemies out there if there is a grudge to settle.
    I could think more about balance and all, but I want to put the idea out there first, to see what you all think about it ;)

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  • @demawel how about using the search function of the forums? Bounty system ideas are here since the game exists in every thinkable matter how, this system would only give griefers a tool to use

  • The person you put the head to prize, exits the game or changes server and ready, you lost your gold in the contract you created

  • A bounty system is something that the community has asked for a lot. But, we know that this works better in theory than in practice, so Rare created the Emissary System, which is like a bounty System, but designed so that neither side, both hunter and hunted, don't give up playing.

  • I'll play Devil's advocate here. How does one "opt in" to having a bounty placed on them? What's the trigger that enables a crew to have a bounty placed on them?

  • The emissary system is your bounty system. Players that want PvP rewards can join the Reapers and go hunting. The more successful they are the higher their rank gets. Meanwhile anyone can see where they are on the map and their rank. Their bounty is the flag they carry. The higher the rank of their flag, the more you receive for sinking them and turning in the Reaper flag. Think of their position on the map as the bounty board and their rank as the bounty. You have everything you need in this system.

  • @demawel

    Sounds awesome to me. I pretty much believe that more content is almost never a bad idea.

  • I see that rookie pirate who annoyed me or I don’t like that one pirates name I randomly came across.

    I’m gonna place a bounty on them. Watch as players swarm the rookie pirate and blow them up for no reason. And later see that same pirate go to the forums to complain.

  • Yes that would be a fun mechanic

  • @maironds88 said in Add a bounty system:

    The person you put the head to prize, exits the game or changes server and ready, you lost your gold in the contract you created

    Talk about a Gold sink.

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