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    I think fishing needs to be balance so it becomes fun becouse right now its a pain. You are going from quest to quest and inbetween islands you start thinking "well, next stop its just East from here and its a beautifull day today so I think I can multitask" so you take the bait and you take your fishing rod and you just relax while waiting for just a fish, not even a particular special fish, just a fish so you have something to cook while you are on the journey. Suddenly you feel a pull and the reel starts rolling furiously. A fish just took the bait. You start pulling and moving the rod so you put the most resistance on the fish. You are doing good, it goes right, you go left... it goes left, you go right, always pulling towards you, sometimes it gets tired and you can roll the reel so it gets closer and closer to you, just half or maybe 3/4 of a round before it starts to pull again... this happens 4 or 5 times or even more, but you feel confident and just dont let it run... suddenly you feel that it is taking a lot of time, maybe you've been pulling for 3 to 5 min straight and you are now close to the island you were sailing to... you keep pulling, but its too late, you reach the shore and you lose the bait, the fish, and each time this happens you start to think more and more that fishing in this game its just to hard to be fun, to slow and to boring to be worth it... so you just hope you find every fish in the shipwrecks...

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  • @edondulon


    But it's only 2-3 cycles. You know you can reel a little bit while they're pulling right? 😉

  • I'd recommend You just sail by shipwrecks and dive down while your boat sails on, grab 5 meat and get back, but if you're like me and enjoy your fishing or want to enjoy it more do as I do.

    It's time to Forget about your crew boat, this is about you, the salt water, the bait and your fishing rod. If you spawn in at Golden sands or finish your voyage here perfect!

    You'll want to start by rowing North West over to Cresent Isle, land on the north-easten beaches and take your trusty tackle box (storage crate) with you.

    There's a neat little pond in where you can catch Pondy after Pondy with less then one reel per fish. It won't take long to amass a large quantity of fish, the best part is no bait needed! You can even cook on the western side of the pond on the NPCs campfire! Just go loot some wood and strike it with your Cutless!

    Cooked meat for days!

    When I'm finished up cooking I make sure the northern seas are clear and row to Spoils of Plenty where you can cash in for Hunters Call rep and Commendations.

    The only drawback is you need to be aware and keep an eye and ear out for PVE to spawn on Cresent Isle or more important other players who would love to kill you without a thought.

    I've never encountered other players whilst doing this although the camp fire is like a smoke signal while the fire is Buring. There isn't a player ship to draw much attention you're way. Maybe the odd vault seeking gold hoarder! But it's pretty chill, slap on some Spotify and hope you snag an ancient skellie while youre vibin'

    Fair winds.

  • @pithyrumble
    yeh but sometimes 2-3 cycles means minutes with a trophy fish or some of the special fishes. I just wish reeling while they are pulling is more effective, or something to tired the fish quicker. Overall im missing something like "doing it right makes it faster".

  • @donny-b3ast
    This is a good tip for Pondies thanks.
    My isue however is how unfun is fishing while SoloSlooping trying to multitask. Leveling up the Hunters Call its already slow and grindy so it feels a need of balance.

  • @mintharp184509
    Yeah i agree Hunters Call could use more mechanics and depth :)

    But before adding i think the current state needs to be address.

  • Fishing especially for food should be faster. The worms are also kind of useless outside the commendations so it would be nice to make some use of them.

    Make it possible to fish any fish without the bait - the bait would increase chance to find corresponding fish instead. Then the usage of bait could also speed up fishing to take half the time for the special to location fish and perhaps 1/3 time for trash fish like splashtails that right now eat bait only to annoy players.

    This would make it so that using the incorrect bait intentionally would allow to fish splashtails three times faster making it more likely to catch fish for food while traveling.

  • What tilts me a lot is .

    I have all splashtails, I al fishing on a storm and I keep fishing splashtails.

    If you have One fish completed, you should not be able to fish It anymore untill you get the others.

    And when you get all Hunters calle commendations, all fish unlocks again.

    If I am fishing on active Forts, just fish Battle ones, if you have the bait and the conditions to a certain fish, just fishing that.

  • @elci-poteh

    yeah i know what you mean but i think deactivating a type of fish is not the solution it just it wouldnt be so frustrating if it wasn't so difficult on the first place

  • Someone hasn’t mastered the art of speed fishing XD

    It not a pain but for most part. If your on a moving ship alone…don’t fish :p

  • @burnbacon
    thats exactly my point, if you have to stay still whats the point...

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