Idea for people who don't want to pvp

  • I'm probably going to get people saying "But it's suppose to be a game about pirate!" but for a lot of people myself included really don't enjoy the pvp in this game and trying to avoid someone who's chasing you down can literally take hours out of both parties day. So here's my suggestion, I'm taking inspiration from GTA 5 online and how there is a passive mode that also limits you on world event and such. This game could also use a similar option that makes it so passive mode exist but hinders the player by not allowing them to have a emissary flag up and/or lower gold exchange when ever trading in items. While also making it so that those who are in passive mode not able to pick up loot from other crews who have already picked up that item and vice versa. This is only a suggestion because a portion of the player base just wants to enjoy the rather than having to deal the the head sore that is rude players.

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  • sell every 20 minutes
    don't waste time running just grab a new server

    these two things will make pvp a minor inconvenience

  • I'm taking inspiration from GTA 5 online and how there is a passive mode

    and I have to say No at this point.

    Even with this Idea. I can think of many other ways to PVP you in passive mode.
    You see, you can't stop another crew from taking control of another ship. You can stop a ship from running into a Keg in the water or crashing into islands.
    Bring a Skeleton Galleon over to a sloop and force it into a fight. Its no PVP if a AI ship attacks. and in GTA police can still kill you.

    suggestion because a portion of the player base just wants to enjoy the rather than having to deal the the head sore that is rude players.

    Very small portion tho. Rude players? I really need to figure this out. Define what you do in a video game such as this, as "Rude"

  • This won't happen, it doesn't fit with the vision the game devs have for the game. Also a passive mode could be easily cheesed. Imagine aswell, these toxic players being able to troll you constantly and you can't kill them at all, no thanks I'd rather blunder them in the face and report them.

  • This doesn't work in this environment. Servers are capped by number of Ships. When the game is where it is supposed to be this is 6 Ships on a server, and right now it is capped at 5 Ships on a server due to performance issues at the moment.

    When at the intended value, a single Ship electing into a "passive" mode would be 17% of the whole server being removed from the actual core gameplay design (meaning those open to PvP are handicapped, despite PvP being a core part of the game). In the current state we are talking 20% of the total server (almost a full quarter of the whole server is now out of the gameplay loop).

    This quickly gets out of hand fast. What happens if two Ships on the same server decide to activate this Mode - now we are talking 33% when 6 Ships and 40% when 5 Ships. This would be absolutely absurd when, again, a core part of the game is the threat of other Ships/Players that we all agree to and accept when we log in.

    If you want a private place to play, Maiden Voyage and two Tall Tales (one if you haven't unlocked the second). There may eventually be a few more Tales that take you to private instances sometime down the road now that this is a thing. But you lose out on the bulk of the game in any of these places. Additionally, custom servers are being tested, but these will feature no progression or ability to gain Coin (the tradeoff of removing the core risk from the gameplay).

    That is the best you're going to get since it isn't the intent of this game.

  • @theotaku64 In about thirty minutes to one hour, this post will likely be closed by a mod as this is effectively a PvE mode request. They'll also give you some links explaining why, which I suggest you look at.
    Since I am here before them, I will give you some advice: try out the Devil's Roar. Player ships are an uncommon sight there, and it is the most PvE-heavy area in the Sea of Thieves, with increased enemy spawns and volcanic eruptions. Yes, there still will be the potential for hostile players, but true PvE servers or any sort of passive mode will *probably * never happen.

  • Here's an alternative for those who don't want to do PVP (yet buy a PVEVP game)

  • Ahoy!

    The team have semi-recently given their thoughts on the topic of PvPvE and discussed it in an official Podcast here.

    There is also a thread for Custom servers here.

    Sea of Thieves will always be a shared world adventure game, with elements of both PvP and PvE but Joe did speak about Custom Servers about a year ago. These servers will not offer Gold or progression IF they become available to the public. Private Servers are still being tested with our Partners.

    Dropping anchor on this now.

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