Closed Beta Install Instructions

  • @impish436
    Support will be furiously beavering away behind the scenes trying to sort it out m8!!

    Just joking with the gif guys, i know you're all working your socks off in preparation for tomorrow ;)

    Does anyone else think that chap in my gif looks a bit like @MikeTheMutinous???? Maybe before he went on a diet ;)

  • @LogansDadToo Lol got replay from the support this were there answer "Hi there, thank you for your interest in the Sea of Thieves closed beta!

    The beta will go live on the 24th so it may not be available yet.

    If it is not available by the release time for your area let us know and we will work to resolve this issue for you."

    yhea that was a real good answer of my question why i can't find the SOT in my insider hub .....

  • If anyone has heard back from support regarding Founders & Insiders not being able to see the Close Beta anywhere after following the provided instructions and also the ones that never installed the Tech Alpha, please please please let me know on here!

  • @phillyreid Hey. Can't you just update the game? Using the Inside Hub as always?

  • @jcmdeadpool The tech alpha is not showing up at all in my insider hub whatsover! This is apparently an issue they are having with a number of Founders/Insiders

  • @logansdadtoo haha thats why i got auto reply hahaahha lmaof

  • @phillyreid Ah. Ok. Nothing I can help you with then :(

  • @impish436
    Try not to stress about it too much m8, if support are working on it, they will sort it out!!

  • @logansdadtoo haha yea but really frustrating when they reply with a auto message it seems very unprofessional..

  • Closed beta update (from old alpha client) with same dimension 13,04Gb?... wha...what?

  • If someone is still confused, the updated technical alpha is the closed beta.

  • @davin-kenway Yep. The old alpha client will just update itself to become the beta client.

  • Okay, can I just say that this is the worst test experience I ever had with a game? Like I still don't know if I have the right stuff installed now! I'm downloading something right now that is not called beta but technical alpha. I don't know if this is right but it's at least a bit more than the download from the library (13,53GB compared to 1,23MB).
    I really hope the game experience is better than the download experience of the beta...

  • ok ,,, worked... go to windows store and download xbox insider app after the log in go to menu in the left side to insider content and enrorr in sea of thives and then it will jump or just browse to windows store where now you will see the tab in the game to install. woottt : ) hope t helps

    13.53gb download size

  • @maurosan456 I did really like my download. Technical Alpha sounds soooo much better then Beta :(

    Well, we are all humans, aren't we. Everyone is different :D

  • @maurosan456 That is the correct thing to install. The game experience will make up for all these hoops - these hoops won't be here on launch they are only here to keep the game in the right peoples' hands.

  • @jcmdeadpool well from the looks of it, I'm now on the right path and should be ready to go tomorrow :D but it was a bit of work to get to the point I am now! And this is bad because not everyone who pre-orders will look in the forums or search for a solution... They will just cancel their pre-order.

  • Okay, finally download the technical alpha !
    Windows broswer said "SoT Closed Bêta as finished to download" and the application has also the same name in the broswer. Sounds good ! When I launch it it obviously say that it's too early.
    But I still have nothing in my Insider Hub. Is it normal or is it the issues that some people mentioned ?
    Tomorrow, to launch the game, can I do it without opening the Insider Hub (just with the broswer) ?

  • @kal-quantik you do not need to Insider Hub to launch the game so that is correct.

  • @kal-quantik I do think so. And it doesn't show up in the Inside Hub for me as well.

  • I'm another poor founder who did not download the alpha and thus cant download the beta. Support ticket sent. Anxious to see if this gets sorted out!

  • @DHG-IXxRMACxXI @JCMDeadpool Thanks both of you !
    I'm completely reassured by now !

  • @africanphil Me too brother. Im really worried I wont have this fixed before it goes live!

  • @africanphil did the same thing hope u not get the answer i got haha
    got sent a auto answer that didn't answer anything that i ask xD
    they basically said that if i have problem i should contact them .... i was like Yhea thats why im writing to you...

  • I will be sure to let you all know if i hear anything

  • I think it is safe to say Rare haven't a clue when it comes to fix for the issue. GG Closed beta for us small bunch that is still having this unique issue!!!

  • @phillyreid lol ultimately if people are saying its fun i'll just end up pre-ordering it, i think. unfortunate if that has to be the case

  • Please accept my apologies for adding to this thread but i need to clarify something.

    I had the old 'Tech alpha' build installed but also pre ordered the SOT game.
    I only play on pc and i had two listings in the Xbox app. 'Sea of Thieves' & 'Sea of Thieves Close Beta'

    I've downloaded the Closed beta build twice but both times after download its been listed as 'Needs Repair'

    In The Microsoft store 'Downloads and updates' page it lists 2 versions of the download.
    Sea of Thieves Closed Beta 1.73.5774.2 'Needs Repair'
    Sea of Thieves

    The 2 versions are also listed in the Xbox app, if i click play on the Sea of Thieves link the game launches with a pop up saying 'your too early'
    If i click play on the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta link the pop up says 'This app can't open' and advises me to check windows store.

    Can anyone who had tech alpha and has pre ordered confirm if they have 1 or 2 listings of the game and the build number they have? Should have i just updated the Tech alpha build from the Xbox Insider Hub?

  • @africanphil You should still be able to download it even if you didn't download the alpha. I had the alpha on xbox and downloaded the beta for pc. What are you trying to download it on?

  • @khaleesibot said in Closed Beta Install Instructions:

    Now with Play Anywhere enabled, the choice is yours to decide which platform you want to play on, Xbox One or Windows 10 PC!

    Is this supposed to be true also with Founders?

    Just checked with 2 Founder accounts (mine and my wife's) on our recently bought Xbox and there's no entry in the Xbox Insider Hub app thingy :) ...just Minecraft :/

    Windows 10 access looks ok for her though (phew!!! closed beta is updating right now) :)

  • @koshdukai Yes it is supposed to be true for Founders although we have been hearing that some of the Founders are having issues getting it to show on both platforms.

    Have you tried the store, or the link to the game store page in the instructions?

  • @koshdukai Play Anywhere is enabled for everyone.

  • Is the founder status given if you were an insider before dec 1?

  • @lonegoatknifer Interesting. I am trying to get it on pc too. What steps did you take to install?

  • @davin-kenway same here

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