Meg Story

  • A few years ago, in the Sea of Thieves, when Merrick first told of the Megalodon, an unnamed pirate heard this tale, and took on the challenge. Now, this pirate was a little odd, he wore not but his under garments, and had no decorations on his ship except for a single chicken in a cage on the bowspririt. Taking this knowledge with us, you can imagine how the other pirates all mocked his tenacity. But he did not care, and went on with his quest.

    Eventually, the pirate found the spot and played a tune. It resounded through the waves for a moment, and all went quiet.
    Suddenly, the beast flew out of the waves with unholy ferocity.
    The pirate quickly manned the cannons on his little sloop. He shot his cannon, and with each boom of the gun, the ball pounded its target. The creature would ram the ship with its jaws, and the pirate would fix it up as fast as a fish. The battle went on like this for an hour, until, one shot brought this monster to the deep.

    Upon collecting his treasure and returning to Merrick, the other pirates were shocked to see that both he and his chicken had been completely unharmed in the action.
    But they quickly regained themselves, and cheered and praised the pirate, and they all went to 'The George and Kraken' for a celebration that lasted two days.

    The end.

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