Funniest Interaction with a Reaper

  • So I spawn on Ancient Spire, I think "Heck yeah, now I can get to Devil's Roar faster for Commendations"

    I start stocking up on the island, and raise GH emissary to do the vault in DR for ashen items. Upon arriving on my ship, to my SW there's a T3 Reaper Emissary barreling towards me.

    Two thoughts go through my head:

    • Drop sail and haul butt to DR due to the headwind so my sloop can outpace them
    • Drop Emissary and Skuttle

    I went with the latter, and as they approached the island and realized the ship was skuttled they waited until a flag spawned.
    No flag

    Reaper then jumps into the water, wading around for the emissary flag, their other crew mate went ashore to gather supplies from MA.
    Being the on my feet thinker I am, I go to board their ship and for the first time, tuck in their crow's nest.

    They realized there's not a flag, so they board the ship and start sailing. Conveniently, I had a blunderbomb still in my inventory, so doing what any other troll would do to a sweaty crew and blundered them off their own ship, raided their cannonball barrles and set their ship ablaze.

    I'd say a decent way to start the day yesterday LOL

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  • A couple of months ago I found this reaper and me and my friend wanted their flag and I had boarded their ship and started to kill them. Well I hear kids like 9 or 12 and I felt bad but note this before hand they had ran from us after they finished Flameheart. well when we caught them they basically said that they were going to send their ship into the shroud and well I disagreed. In my opinion I dont think thats right I think its toxic people can disagree all you want but im gonna stick with my opinion. And well when I heard that I took some of their loot because I didnt think they deserved it I took the captain skull along with the wraith balls. Then we sent them off well hour later I was looking at the map and I saw them disapear. Well we were near by so we picked up their flag and sold it. Basically they did our job for us they sank themselves and we got all of their loot for free not one cannon ball fired.

1 out of 2