Clash at the Keep | PvP Community Charity Event | Sat Dec 1 th 2021

  • All hands on deck!

    Rogue Legends is proud to present its most recent addition to its Sea Sports Lineup, a thrilling PvP oriented event, 3v3v3 tug of war played at Molten Sands Fortress!

    What Is Clash at the Keep?
    Two teams are attacking while one team is defending a Chest of Rage. Attacking teams attempt to rush the chest into the top of the cannon tower opposite of their ship, while the defence works on preventing a score in either tower by either team. Attacking teams have opposite towers, adding to the tug of war tension.

    Can my crew participate?
    For this edition of Clash at the Keep, we are happy to take new contestants. Space is limited - so get your application in early! Teams that don't have a space in the event will be held as a reserve team.

    Where can we register?
    Please register your team of 3 here: event registration website

    Where can we find the rules?
    You can find the rules & more here: Rules Etc

    What are the prizes?
    We will be giving away 1mo of nitro, an Obsidian 6 Pack and an Obsidian Capstan when we reach fundraising milestones.

    Please note giveaways are only held on the Rogue Legends Twitch channel during the live stream.

    Where can I watch Clash at the Keep?
    As usual, you will be able to watch this through the eyes of our Official Twitch channel. 11 am EDT/4 pm GMT.

    Rogue Legends:

    What is Clash for the Cause?
    Clash for a Cause is the largest coalition of Sea Of Thieves Community events supporting Race of Legends Parkinsons Foundation Fundraiser Dec 10-11!

    RoL is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary & 100 #SeaOfThieves events with a weekend of 5 SoT competitions, culminating in the RoL 3rd anniversary races where the semi-final winner will face our Guard team for the Grand Champion title.

    You can donate here:

    Unforeseen things may happen or come up and we ask that you be understanding and patient.

    See you Dec 11th!

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  • Can't wait. That's gonna be pretty fun it looks like

  • That island is gonna be crazy for entertainment

  • It's been over 2 years since I first played this. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  • It's backkkkk! The OG Fort PvP Event!

    Cannot wait for this one....

  • It's tomorrow!!!!

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