New idea for a big map expansion (Ice concept)

  • So I had an idea for an icey area , much like the devils roars in terms of risk, for the map. In this new area there will be multitudes of small rocks that the ships can bump into causing some holes as any collision with terrain has on a ship. The biggest/scariest part of this is, the pulleys that control the masts such as angling or raising them can freeze over. This would add the risk of crashing in these tiny glaciers and in order to prevent that, they would have to destroy the iced over mast controllers with either warm water (this would be a good way to incorporate the stove more with being able to warm the water up with a bucket and water) or 2 sword hits/ 1 gun shot. This could also be a good curse ball ability. I haven't thought about what kind of enemies or treasure could be found there. A cool world event would be... On these icy glacierized islands, can be found a nest of bones which would inhabit a flying skeletal bird, much like the bones you find on the shores around the map. Which players can fight against a midair opponent that can shoot glacierized water at the ship causing holes and freezing the mast controllers (if it aggros the ship.) I don't know what sort of attacks it can make towards the players but I'm sure it can thought of. This would be a high risk , high reward sort of world event in the area. I feel as though this would add a lot of lore towards the bird skulls found around the map and frozen tankards that we can buy in game, as silly as that sounds.

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  • Of the suggestions that are pretty common, this remains one of my least favorite ones. I have absolutely no desire for "Devil's Roar Part 2, Now Its Icy" - just sounds lazy to me overall and a far cry from anything that springs to mind when I think of Pirates.

    I'd rather see more stuff associated with the game lore - more stuff in the SotD for instance would be nice. Maybe the Sea of Five Winds could be interesting as well. I could also live with more of the Sunken Kingdom than what we have now too.

    That is my personal opinion. I know if an Ice Region is ever added I will basically never go there so it would be an absolute waste for me.

  • @redeyesith That's a fair point, i didnt think about that

  • @magnusoneil I think that Ice biom could be just amazing, a Frozen tundra full of details with Sea of Thieves's unique aesthetics.

    Look for the fanart Frozen Fangs, maybe it should be tiny bit less Viking style but a great fanart to get insiration from.
    I have no doubt in my mind that it would be great and many people would be happy to see it, the portals can play a big role here as how to get there.

  • @faceyourdemon Thank you! and i just looked it up and it looked really neat. The person who made it really put in a lot of thought

  • @magnusoneil good idea! i had the idea on the discord for a new glacier biome where:
    swimming for too long can freeze you and you take damage
    and i want it to be like, a FULL corner of the map maybe

  • @redeyesith I think you should look up Captain Falcore's video about how they would add an Ice Biome (among other things). It's very unique and would add a lot to the game outside of just the ice gimmick.

  • @mrat13 I've seen it, not even remotely interested.

  • @magnusoneil

    Instead of freezing rigging, why not simply make the icebergs realistic in that most of them are under water juuuuust under the surface, requiring you takeit slow and cautious. They can even be RNG spawned into the map on generation making the nav tricky.

  • Hard pass on a new region unless the ship count per server can be increased.

    That said, I think there's some seasonal, event based, or world triggered things that they could do to make "hell freeze over" and turn the Devil's Roar into a temporary ice zone.

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