What Sea of Thieves should have been and still could be... Self Approved Game Director

  • Hello, my name is Chris. I woke up today in sadness, and here is why...

    I wish I was the game director on the project Sea of Thieves. Ever since The Pirates of the Carribean Online, I and I'm sure many others are craving for a updated verison with better graphics and reworked gameplay mechanics including fighting overhaul and pvp. At the moment, there is no incentive to play Sea of Thieves for even a week execept for the pvp aspect. I guarente Sea of Thieves will die within 2 weeks of playing it, once everyone goes through all the raids, bosses, etc.

    Not sure if this is what Rare is after, to take the money and leave and not have to update the game more or what. Making the world a "Shared World" where everyone is on a even playing field was a bad route to go... There is no reason to keep playing at the moment. When I go out to get a chest, I want this chest money to go towards funding my next ship, the next ship that has 2 more cannons, a little bigger, and has small stat changes which I can feel like I've worked towards something.

    Note: The bigger the ship, the slower it would be, this would give smaller ships the power of mobility because of how small it is, there is no way a Galleon should be out sailing a Sloop in no world. This would give advantages to both the bigger ship and smaller ship which would make it a skill match up.

    This game needs something to work for, something that gives you advantages over other players, something you can trot around and be proud of what you accomplished. Picture a ship you've been saving up, this ship is the top ship and costs 200,000 Coins. Imagine you sailing around in this ship, with a crew that can't even fathom being on a ship so huge and comforting that you won't lose a battle unless a sloop comes and dodges all your cannon shots, boards, and kills all 8 of your crew with just a group of 2 vs your 8 men. Now between you and me. I would feel f*kin great if that was me and my buddy :)

    What the game needs:

    Incentive to play - 10 or more ships, upgrades for the ships including armor, better Hull, more cannons, better sails, more storage place for cannon balls, etc.

    Optional - I don't think this is needed, but something to look at. This is kind of Worlds Adrift style. Have each server have different boats - 1 set of servers can have level 1-3 ships in it, where as the next server has level 4-6 ships in it and so on, this will help out newer players but don't think it would be needed.

    More players per ship - I believe if it were to be like this, there should be 8 man crew ships, and the world cap for players should be raised.

    A reason to not want your ship to sink. There should be a shipyard and the starting ship should cost nothing to use, but to repair and to use your bigger ship it should cost to repair to use it again if sank. This would make it even better to want to win a fight so the ship doesn't sink and you have to pay to have your bigger ship return

    As the ship captain, you would get a bigger cut from chests than the crew, you own the ship, you repair, you are taking the risk, you get the bigger cut Captain!

    Option to stop spawning of crew on a ship and also an option to take over a ship. If done so, the ship you previously had would go back to the shipyard and and cost nothing to repair or fix since it wasn't sunk and it costs a small amount to fix up any damages of that fight that just happened. You do not now own the ship you just took over you are just controlling this ship until it is sunk. Imagine having a crew of 4 ships that you control and have 2 crews on each ship. This would be awesome.

    At the moment this is all I can think of, I have more implementation but just can't gather the thoughts in my head this morning. If rare would implement this it would be a game to remember, and a game to play for years to come, even if we had to wait the rest of the year, it would be worth it, or atleast slowly inplement this. The game is $60 at the moment, and not worth $60 for the content, maybe the graphics but that's it. I would pay $20-$30 for what Sea of Thieves is right now.

    If you disagree let's talk about it! Reply to this topic and I will try to get back to everyone, let's shape a road map for rare to take a look at and explain every detail on to why it should be implemented instead of how it is now! Thanks guys!

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  • You want to change one of the, if not the, most important ideological idea about Sea of Thieves: Removing Barriers to entry. And while I appreciate you writing this feedback thread, I implore you to try and understand why things are the way they are now. As your suggestions would turn Sea of Thieves into a game that isn't Sea of Thieves, but rather some type of leveling game where you get small statistical improvements over-time. Which is not what SoT aims to be.

  • @erinom3 But what makes a game a great game is the thought of progression in the game, and cosmetics do not bring incentive into the game. Something has to be changed to encourage incentive or eventually no one will play.

  • While you have good ideas, in my opinion these would be better suited to an mmorpg style game, as you stated yourself that your inspiration comes from Pirates of the Caribbean online. :) Sea of Thieves as stated by Rare is a shared world adventure game, the point of which to have players on a level field and have fun within the world created. That doesn't mean the world can be without content of course; Rare has more additions planned for release. And hopefully more surprises down the road. Customization, merchants, wildlife, world encounters like the kraken, etc. But, I think a leveling style focused game like an mmorpg is not the vision for Sea of Thieves.

  • @kenshin091 No leveling, only a shipyard really that you can feel like you put your money to good use by buying other ships that have certain things that are better than other ships. There needs to be something else to put your money towards, hell, even a leaderboard somehow would be all this game needs, some sort of incentive. Yes, this is only 20% of the game but all that will be adding is some more ways to make gold but only ways to spend it are cosmetics. Thanks for the Reply :)

  • @DawdlingRumble2

    The game features progression, both in terms of skills and improving your reputation with factions. It appears there will be plenty of stuff to unlock for cosmetics and ship customization, not vertical progression that gives you an edge over other players. I have to also argue against the point that a game requires vertical progression for there to be an incentive to play. There are plenty of games that allow for only cosmetic changes yet they still manage to be kept fresh and keep players throughout the years.

    Sea of Thieves isn't an RPG in the classic term, it's a sort of adventure game with multiplayer - the main draw and incentive to play comes from the fact that no player has a mechanical advantage over other players.

    Most of all I'd recommend you check the podcasts by the company and some other forum threads which give out some more information about how the game will play like, since as far as I know there'll be plenty of dynamic changing content to keep everything fresh.

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