New Mechanic: Attach broken emissary flag to your ship

  • A new opportunity mechanic to be add to be able to attach, fly, and progress with the fallen flags of those who have sunk. You can only lower a flag in port (by vote), but you could put a broken flag on the captains table and vote to raise it starting at it's current level once your flag is down. Should you lose your embassy flag, regardless of emissary , and your flag is raised by another crew, an indicator of your raised flag will be seen on your map table giving opportunity to go back for retribution. The normal mechanic applies if you lower the flag, you get corresponding reputation and gold as if you had achieved the emissary value all yourself. A crew shall not benefit from both raising AND selling as a broken flag. Once a broken flag is attached to your ship it acts as the current emissary flag system until lowered or lost by sinking.

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  • I very much like the idea of being able to reattach your emissary flag if it breaks off from your ship sinking, or if you can retrieve it from having been stolen.

    Like the idea of attaching another players emissary flag to your ship too for certain benefits you wouldn't get if you simply voted to carry your own emissary flag at the merchant.

  • I dont think that attaching your own (old) flag would be good.
    ATM if someone sinks your ship, your own flag becomes worthleft for yourself. You can try to hide it after your ship sink, but you will make none profit of it.

    If you could reattach your flag, you would try more often than not, to hide the flag on the nearest island away.

    Also: if you are a Reaper 5 you could sink your own ship, take the flag and put it up again when you need it.

    Just some thoughts on absuing this mechanic.

  • @panguru3694 As long as they made the mechanic such that you could not re-raise your own flag unless it has been raised by another crew making it their flag, it would be fine. Otherwise, yeah, abuse would happen.

    The only downside I see here is that it would only expand the base of players that become server hoppers playing with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • @sweetsandman
    I dont think it would lead to more hopping. Atm.i only the one or two benefits:

    At the start you will raise your own flag. If you do goldhoarder, why raise merchand? So the flags dont give you much.
    You could directly try to search some, but that could take long. Pretty random. So why should you.

    If you are a reaper, you will get all those flags. You could raise them before you sell loot to get a big multiplyer.

    This mechanic seems like a little option. When you Start, you directly hunt someone down.

  • @panguru3694 I can tell you that if this was an option, I would never raise an emissary flag of any kind. I'd find emissaries, sink them, and raise their flag as I'm about to sell their loot. Then, I'd hop to a new server, rinse and repeat. I'd get all the emissary bonus on all of the respective loot that the sunken crew would have gotten, and I would not have had to raise Reaper and be seen coming. It would literally be the new "Silent Reaper" lol.

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