New Shanties ?

  • Hello All,

    Is there any chance that any more shanties will be added? I love the music in the game and would love more options.
    Would it be possible to get more from Pirates of the Caribbean? What do you guys think?


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  • There's a shanty slot so I do think that new shanties will comes.

    I think the main reason why more POTC shanties won't come and why he's a pirate wasn't included is because of the rights. Rare and Disney may have a partnership, but Rare does still need the rights to copyrighted music and I think Disney would keep the greatest song in the entire POTC franchise locked behind some hefty fees. Either that, or they just don't want anymore of their music used.

  • Maybe we could get some shanties added which require other commendations or which could be purchased from the pirate emporium.

  • I highly doubt there will be more from A pirate life, until there’s another big update involving it, that being said they did at the option to turn off copyrighted music in the last update, so could that mean we are going to get more licensed music 👀

  • Sure would love some Gangplank Gallion or treasure trove cove shantys to play.

  • @hoi288 yeah i think that It would be very cool to buy different shanty from the pirate emporium

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