Recent Loss of Data Incidents

  • At Least Your Trying That's All That Matters

  • @bobbles31 Thank you for the update. I appreciate you! 💚

  • thanks for the update, appreciate it although I never seem to be affected. must be luck.

  • I appreciate the team's hard work and dedication to fixing this issue.

    I understand a lot of that post on the technical level and I know it is not something easy to deal with.

    I know I've been critical in the past so posts like this help.

  • Surely they can at least do something where the client side logs to file when the server isn't responding and that way it is waiting to send next session after the admins flag the period of server failure.

    Better than 50k compensation, which is nothing at all for an experienced account chasing ledger position.
    A client side log would allow for the proper reimbursement.

  • It's very irritating to have this kind of thing happen, but I understand. Mistakes are mistakes, and you can only prevent them from happening again.

  • Hello,

    According to this thread, everything has been fixed 20 hours ago.

    I am still unable to log into the game, still stucked on the "loading supplies" screen... Another issue or the same still going on ?

  • @kroustyy Ahoy matey!

    This thread is relating to other issues, the issues that have been intermittent over the past few days have been matchmaking related and are still being investigated - the issue that has just arose started 20 or so minutes ago.

  • My stolen rag and bone crate hasn’t been working for months.. i’ve spent countless hours finishing forts/stealing forts for them.. i’ve delivered around 9-10 of them and no commendation pops.

    This for me is the biggest problem, having completed nearly everything.

  • @joelmuzz Then that brings up the concern of false reports using edited files after a server issue

  • I had the same issue on July 28th (no gold, reputation and ledger points for Athena after playing for 3 hours). Contacted SoT support and created a ticket. They replied with:

    Unfortunately, we're unable to see any issues within the data on your account to suggest that this is not tracking correctly.

    3 Hours of work gone. Thnx -__-
    I think players should get a better compensation instead of gold and some doubloons.

  • Everything is fine, of course, but compensation in the amount of 50 thousand, when you and many others lose millions, is somehow not fair

    Thanks google translation

  • @nevikz669 said in Recent Loss of Data Incidents:

    Everything is fine, of course, but compensation in the amount of 50 thousand, when you and many others lose millions, is somehow not fair

    Thanks google translation

    It's certainly not ideal but you can't really go giving thousands of accounts that did nothing but log in a few mill because some of us are enthusiastic farmers

    it is what it is, we can just get out there and harvest it again

  • @nevikz669 50k is a pittance compared to the millions players can turn in , in a day

  • Noooo, how else shall I spent my evenings?

    The transparency is much appreciated, altough as software engineer I'm suprised noone noticed.

  • Just don't give me anymore Arena rep. Still mad I'm lvl 9 arena from one of these fixes lol

  • It’s August 11th now and still happening. Just turned in like 50k worth of stuff and received absolutely nothing. Unbelievable really.

  • Sounds like you’re working on it, and that’s all I needed to hear.

  • @fire-mixtapes The same thing happened to my crew last night after beating flameheart.

  • @pabz-2-dope Interesting.

    I have recently on my Retail account - last few weeks completed the Rag and bone crate Commendation. Could you give me more details of which specific Commendation of the Rag and bones you are not Achieving?

  • @kaedyn6035 the deliver stolen Rag And Bone crate for Three Paces East Seapost. People i have been doing it with have earned it nut not me /cry. It’s the last one i need for the bilge rats too 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • @pabz-2-dope Taken a quick look.

    I am not experiancing this on my end.

    Would recommend writing a support ticket, so that your account can be checked over. Possible that you may have completed it and its just got stuck and not ticking over.

    Don't qoute me on that but thats my current running theory for your issue.

    Hope you get it fixed shortly and can become a Bone Haul Bandit!

  • @kaedyn6035 thank you, i’ll have another try before i do make a ticket(not that i ever get a reply) bur appreciate the reply.

    Happy sailing =]

  • I know it’s not relevant to anything posted here but if Xbox goes to vr with the quest I know someone you can collab with. Sail i know that they are basically a copy of Sea of thieves but they are a phenomenal vr game. They have some bugs and from what I see are growing fast. They might like some help and even if Microsoft doesn’t take Xbox to vr they could use some suggestions and I just love the idea of sea of thieves in vr. I am a HUGE fan of sea of thieves and am exited for the new tall tales I have only started the first few I am very impressed about Davy Jones and captain jack being added. Thanks for reading hope you consider my thoughts and ideas. I know sail would be much better with you on their side. Wish you all well on your voyage! Aye mates!

  • I noticed this as well. I joined and seen 0 for all my stuff and then it flicked back, so I think it’s fine…. At least I hope it is. Would scream if all gone.

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