Why is my thread locked?

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rumites and Lubbers!
    You may have noticed the recent increase in user accounts and activity across the forum and with that activity you may have also noticed more and more threads being Locked by the Deckhands and Moderating team.
    Well, we thought it was about time we listed in detail our rationale behind Locking particular threads.

    Firstly let me begin by saying if your posted thread is on the receiving end of a Lock, please don't take it personally, because it's not.
    In helping Rare, it's our job to assure that active conversations and threads are being promoted and that new users are being directed to where the action is.

    We understand the excitement new users must feel when logging into the FoRum for the first time and the amount of content can be somewhat overwhelming, just remember that we were all "new users" once and so we also understand that it's extremely tempting to just dive in and start posting "new" threads with your questions and suggestions.

    But before posting a new thread consider the following to avoid your thread being Locked.

    Things that qualify for a Lock (with descriptions):

    Posting Duplicate Threads

    Posting the same question or topic in multiple Categories or posting multiple threads with variations of the same title can be considered as SPAM.

    Posting duplicate Topics

    Over the forums lifespan we have seen lots of unique discussion topics but there are some topics that are being frequently asked which creates clutter to legacy users and it can be repetitive. Typically a Deckhand/Moderator (or a forum member) will redirect you to an active thread of the same topic before locking your thread.

    Posting closed comments or statements
    Creating a new thread and simply saying "I'm excited for this game! Woo!" isn't going to cut it. Try turning that statement into a conversation topic, as long as that conversation doesn't break the aforementioned conditions.

    Posting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Let's face it, we all have questions. Some of those questions are more common than others. If you post a question thread and it has been answered we will likely lock it. Please make sure to check out the Pirate Academy for FAQ about the game is you are new.
It's an extremely helpful resource but it won't answer every question, so in the instance where you still have questions unanswered we ask that you avoid creating a question thread and rather add you question to the https://www.seaofthieves.com/community/forums/category/62/gameplay-guides-tips where some pirate in the community is sure to be able to help you!

    Neglecting to search/check frequent posts
    We find that when big announcements are made about Sea of Thieves multiple threads of the same subject are posted. We ask that before posting a new thread that you check the Recent posts to see if someone has already made your intended thread and attempt to do a Search. Although at the moment we are aware that the Search function is a little quirky.

    Violating the Forum’s Terms and Conditions OR and NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)
    For details on Forum Guidelines, please refer to https://www.seaofthieves.com/community/forums/category/45/the-rules-the-pirate-code

    During the development of Sea of Thieves, some information disclosed to you may be protected by an NDA and some conversations may also be restricted to take place in specific locations throughout the forum. Before posting, please check that your thread or topic is being posted in the correct Category.
    Posting on threads older than one month. The thread will be locked as they are deemed a necro. Please check the date of the previous post.

    Thank you for reading the above conditions and moving forward hope that we can all work together to keep the Sea of Thieves Fo'Rum looking shipshape!

    Lootin Lizalaroo

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