An App to manually keep a detailed log of your ship's voyages/sinks!

  • I made a thing. It was originally just something to keep a running tally of the ships we sank as we moved about the seas, but then evolved into something a little bigger and that other crews started using as well.

    It's a web app - PWA so you can save it to your phone if you want - that lets you manually log (and save) your daily sessions on the seas.

    There's a database storing your ships adventures and a page where you can review all your past accomplishments.

    We've also got a discord bot that you can add to your own server and have your ship(s) exploits post in real time. And then at the end of your session it will post a summary of your voyage.

    How it works is you log into the mobile-friendly site/app and while you're sailing just push the button of the thing you’ve done. Sink a sloop? Hit the sloop button. Complete a Fort of Fortune, hit the FoF button. Each thing gets added to the database with a timestamp and posted to your ship's log page.

    Example Log page here:

    We're still building and adding to the app. We've recently added gold/ending gold fields to automatically calculate out the amount of gold you've made (and the gold per minute)

    There's also a place to select and record the ship size and your crew.

    Drop by our discord to see it in action and to give it a whirl:

    Help us plan our future updates/additions (next up I think is a simple stream overlay that keeps/logs your ship tallies)

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