PvPvE - The Team's Thoughts

  • Hi all,

    As the debate around PvP and PvE has been going for some time, the team wanted to address it, to lay out our vision and the design intent of the game which, at it's heart will always be a shared world adventure game.

    In Episode 2 of the SoT Podcast, we have a nuanced discussion surrounding the community debate.

    You can find the full episode here.

    For now, the discussion around PvPvE is closed on the Forums. After much discussion and analysis of the conversations that were taking place, we have taken the decision to lock the MegaThread and will not be re-opening it.

    We may open up this new thread in future if developments within the game warrant a new discussion. If that happens then this thread will be monitored and replies will be limited in order to keep the discussion around what the team have said and avoid the personal attacks that we have been seeing around this topic.


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