[Mega Thread] Glitterbeard Discussion and Community Help Thread [Spoilers Ahead]

  • Ahoy maties!

    As today saw the release of the Glitterbeard story and journals in the world, we thought it would be best to have a central location where players can discuss locations, suggest theories and in general help each other out.

    You can find out more information about this tribute in the news article below.


    If you have been directed here from a post you created, sorry about that, but we are attempting to create a spoiler-free experience for those that want it that way.

    Hope you understand :) Thanks maties!

    Happy sailing, and see you on the seas!

    WARNING: There be spoilers ahead!

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  • Just to clarify. Are we allowed to talk about locations and rituals here?

  • @limend If you feel like you need to yes ... but a pirate riddle here and there would be good!

  • @limend so tell us EVerythinG im listening matey

  • @king-deka said in [Mega Thread] Glitterbeard Discussion and Community Help Thread [Spoilers Ahead]:

    @limend so tell us EVerythinG im listening matey

    Well there are 22 journals that you have to find and you get cosmetics for finding them :) Anything else you would had wanted to hear?

  • Before starting your journey and sails unfurled
    Take haste and stock into the world
    Rest easy your feet near the doorway
    and delve deep into these entries of wordplay!

  • Hey!
    I have been trying the final part for over an hour, did everything what I could think of for the requirements but nothing worked. Can anyone help me or send me a private message with what could be wrong?

    I am starting to think our server was just broken.

  • So. As of now, I've gone through all of the journals except for the last one; along the way, I've made notes of things that seem like they might be important, essentially making a timeline of the events laid out in the journals. But even when looking at all of the information I've gathered, I still don't know where to start looking for the last journal. All I've pieced together is this (look away now if you don't want spoilers)

    The last journal is most likely at the treehouse that was often referred to throughout the other journals. Said treehouse is most likely somewhere on Plunder Valley, but it could also be on Thieves' Haven.

    That's all I've got. If anyone has any clues to help point me in the right direction, I'd be very appreciative.

  • @blaizent you need 8 people anyways so unless you’re playing on an alliance server good luck. I’ve been waiting almost 2 hours at the treehouse waiting for people to come. Reapers mark so people see me on the map and nothing

  • @manicowl88 said in [Mega Thread] Glitterbeard Discussion and Community Help Thread [Spoilers Ahead]:

    @blaizent you need 8 people anyways so unless you’re playing on an alliance server good luck. I’ve been waiting almost 2 hours at the treehouse waiting for people to come. Reapers mark so people see me on the map and nothing

    Which treehouse? o_O

  • @reapinglegion it’s not exactly a treehouse, it’s a tree that houses the hideout. In a new part of an existing island.

  • Rare did an amazing job and probably my favorite thing added yet but the execution is horrible. It’s almost impossible to get the last journal again because of the need to find the three players on the server willing to help

  • I'll probably do that "joining a server in the same region at the same time" trick with two galleons and then fill in the crew from there. Two things. 1: How did we find out where the Treehouse is? 2: How did we find out we need 8 people?

  • @blaizent Ahoy matey!

    The treehouse location is mentioned in one of the journals.
    And the number of friends he had and spots at the treehouse give this away...

  • When reading through the journals, I didn't see anywhere that stated where the Treehouse is.

  • @blaizent The ones in the Ancient Isles should give you the answers...

    One of them will tell you some of the features/inhabitants/shapes of the island.

  • @musicmee Huh. I'll have to give those islands another look. The one on Discovery Ridge, mayhaps; I admittedly focused more on the fort cloud than on the painting

  • @musicmee I am completely stumped on why the door isn't opening. I was able to complete this before, its there a time requirement now? My allied have literally played all day

  • @kestro250 There is... did any of the books mention a specific hour he was fond of?

  • @blaizent Shark Bait Cove is worth a read over too!

  • @musicmee I was sure it was sunset. Maybe all of my allies have to START at that time?

  • @kestro250 Give it a go ;D Hope it's a golden moment for you.

  • @musicmee We started playing and saw some "progress" but then it all stopped. Were we doing something wrong?

  • @kestro250 Placement of people is important. So is not moving /stopping once you are started.

  • @kestro250 Try to make sure no one stops. You'll also want to make sure everyone is where they need to be at all times. For instance, jumping could stop the progress.

  • I'm worried about how hard it would be to get 8 people in the same spot for this. I mean, on paper it's a really boring play session: get crewmates, go to island, play music, read journal, log out. Unless you really want that beard and those cannon flares, it doesn't seem worth all the effort and luck.

  • @blaizent it's a valley ye must look for

  • Having 8 people must be the dumbest stuff they came up with.

  • For those complaining about the 8 person requirement, trust me, we insiders constantly fed back that this was a BAD move but Rare decided to go against our feedback.

  • @thickishjester Really, it should be 4 people, not 8. Yes, he knew 8 people and 8 are who helped him build it, but he was the closest to his three other crewmembers. Would've both made sense and been a lot easier

  • @blaizent I agree, or at least the maximum your crew can hold, to make it a fair thing per crew but still an experience. Their reasoning was because Jim(the guy it’s based off of) was fond of the player experiences where we all band together and do stuff, so they didn’t want to compromise on this goal, but realistically it’s going to have very little of the player base actually do it because of the large person requirement behind it. We warned them, but they went ahead.

  • @thickishjester Aye. I respect it a lot for what it represents, but it's still a pain. A beautiful pain, but a pain nonetheless.

  • I just managed to get the Glitterbeard stuff done. I'll say nothing about the contents other than it would've been worth it even if it didn't have a single reward. James White would be proud.

  • @blaizent Totally agree with you.
    This was the most beautiful experience me and my friends have experienced in any game. We were 11 people from 3 different countries last night when we finished it; Sweden, Norway and Netherlands.

    I really recommend people to read the story of Glitterbeard in the journals and to complete it. Wishing for more things like this in the future.

  • Ah... a new treasure hunt! Can't wait!

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