Lil, Big and intriguing secrects to find.

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    So I haven't been to manny of the uncharted Islands as of yet, came acorss this one mid map between Western and midle world. I had decided that, that day I would be fishing. Whilst exploring the little land it had, I came across the largest of doges.

    What a silent chap, staying still and keeping to itself, not a single bark the whole time I was there. ~"Poor fellow must be waiting....Oh no....No it can't be..." I go searching the rest of the island and find a few camp fires here and there. In the end I found a lone, human, Skeleton. ~"Oh no-Its a Hachikō." So I played a few of my instruments, keeping the dog company, for a period.

    Before leaving I offered it a fish(Which got my dog jealous-he growled and barked. So I gave it to him since the other wasn't hungry). I wish I could have fed the giant pupper.

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  • My character is sitting on a small stool directly beside the inu. my dog sitting a little bit to the side of it.

    Much dog, such wait, big floof.

    ((I also wonder if this is the dog that-that painting was referring to. I think it was at a outpost up top somewhere. Maybe it's just lost and thought dead?))

  • @EvilMification

    You know why ?

    The Island is located at K9 so we called it Dog Island back then.
    And finally Rare left a Dog behind there.

    You know old Boot Fort or what RH looked before?

    Found the Throne ?

  • @stundorn

    I didn't think to look at the exact square on the map :p Knowing it's not waiting for someone makes me happy.

    No to all the other questions :0

  • @evilmification sagte in Lil, Big and intriguing secrects to find.:


    I didn't think to look at the exact square on the map :p Knowing it's not waiting for someone makes me happy.

    No to all the other questions :0

    take a look beneath ;)

    the SoT has changed at some places. Before the FoTD was known as Old Boot Fort, a regular Fort what had some backstory. And around Old Boot often fishy, buggy, glitchy things happened :D
    The Reapers Hideout was an unknown island just like Dog Island, it startet with a dug hole, then the Masked Stranger was around during several events, i remember the relics needed to brought there and then they build the island changed step by step over a couple of Updates until it was introduced as the Reapers Hideout.
    More stuff to come afaik, there is rumors about Old Faithfull Isle, but i doubt it will change drastically, because one of the Tall Tales - one of the best ones Fate of the Morningstar - takes place there.
    Well there is maybe other stuff i havent noticed until.
    I also very much recommend to do Umbra's Quest and search all the Eastereggs ingame, some are very cool and funny imho.

    edit: if you do Tales, hoist the Bilge Rat flag and dont hesitate to call for mercy if pirates attack you, chances are small, but some respect it and will leave you alone, my crew would defintely do and we save and even help players doing it.
    Except you have an emissary flag we may want ☠

  • @stundorn

    Cool, Thank you :D

5 out of 7