Friend alliances

  • The halloween update this year finishes on 6 more challenges that require the use of the alliance system.
    This is horrible as anyone who has played the game before knows you either kill or run... there are no friendly pirates...
    With this in mind, it would be super beneficial to be able to create alliances in the lobby or join into the server on another ship from my friends list
    The argument against this is that it currently promotes working together and forming friendships, however this is the perfect argument for it as well, as forming friendships with a full crew means you will never be able to play with them again using the current system... but if all (8 players for 2 galleons) are friends and able to join the lobby then they would be able to

    adding challenges that require the current alliance system is horrific as I just wasted almost 4 hours only to lose everything trying to form the alliance...

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  • I can say, it’s not impossible. I did it on the first day of the new event. Everyone at the fotd were nice and everyone got equal shares upon sailing in.

    When I read “lost everything”. What did you lose before an alliance was made? If your main focus is the event, you shouldn’t have any loot and wait at the fotd with all lights already made.

    Alliance is mainly friends yet to be made. Might also look into server alliances or idk looking for group posts.

    (I also hear Xbox lobbies are easier than pc)

  • It's very possible to get 2 ships on the same server. At the beginning of the current event, my IRL friend group got two brigs on the same server to do the event and get the commendations.

    Afterwards, we raised Reaper's and it was an object lesson in why I think it's very good that Rare has made it a bit of a hassle to get more than 1 crew together on the same server. We absolutely wrecked the server - no one stood a chance against our pair of coordinated brigs working together on comms to hunt down and destroy other ships. We are all very PVP focused and while we aren't necessarily the best, we're far from the worst, and the entire server suffered for it.

    So... that's the counter argument to the request here. It would make life miserable for everyone on a regular basis, and destroy the game's balance.

    Sorry you had a bad experience, but sometimes I guess you have to make those calls about when to cut your losses and try a different tactic, or server.

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