Is a 16inch XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Big enough for Zbrush?

  • Hey guys, I'm totally new to Zbrush working my way through some tutorials and books and quickly realizing that I'm not going to get anywhere near enough accuracy from just using a pc mouse. So I'm looking into getting a graphics tablet, something I had been wanting for a while now since I would also like to try my hand at digital painting.

    The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro : drawing tablet monitor seems like a great device going by user reviews that i believe would be plenty big enough for my drawing/painting needs, but for zbrush im not sure... With the UI and everything on the screen will 16inches be enough room to still sculpt well? I haven't used/seen a 22inch / 24inch but when I get the tape measure out and imagine it in front of me I feel like that may actually be too big.... kind of wish there was an in between size with an in between price tag to match.... does anyone here use the Artist 15.6 Pro and do well with it? Graphics stylus pad thing is not an option for me, I recently started clay sculpting and want that kind of experience digitally the hand eye disconnect thing wouldn't give me that.

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