Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best 'Captain and Crew' Screenshot!

  • After a little sailing, in the tavern.

  • Me and the Crew winning Arena on the Good boy!

  • @taaaamas I agree Taaamas, you are a good crewmate

  • Our First White Megaladon Hunt with my best crew

  • My glorious captain, me, and our beautiful ship

  • ![Sailing the Seas on a Solo Galleon with the ghosts of me Crew, off to the Fort of the Damned]

  • Ye Olden' Skele Crew


  • A shot of me & me hardy rowboat on a voyage!
    Me crew ye' ask? Why Gerald's right there on the bench!

    The Drawin'

  • The best captain and crew

  • @lizalaroo My crew had enough of their captain and left him stranded on Plunder Valley...

  • finding the next riddle part with crew

  • ![Best 'Captain and Crew' Screenshot!]

  • Best 'Captain and Crew' Screenshot!

  • Beauty in death.

  • So... what happened was...

    There was this sea monster see ... well you couldn't have because it was invisible ... BUT IT WAS NO SHARK ... haha .. ghost shark ... no such thing exists... right? Right... no it was an invisible GROG monster ... which stole our Grog AND our ship, so that's why we took our little tug here and made our way to our favorite tavern... I forgot the name of the Tavern but Duke was there and the other guys... My crew:

    First of we have the Spanish Conquistador that kind of got lost in the Sea of thieves. Funny fella, a little grim and often times very angry and screaming all the time but other then that a fine chap. Brutal in the fight, and even more brutal when drinking. DON'T BET with him.

    Then we have our handsome man on the ores there. He has his way with the ladies I have to say. I have yet to see him pay for his Grog! When he sings on our ship the Sirens come to us!

    And then there is me, myself and I. See our ship sunk, because of some evil invisible grog monster. That monster am I and my giant ego. It just simply couldn't fit the ship anymore. That's why it had to go. I ordered the Charmer to get on the good side with the shipwright and charm her into getting us a new, bigger ship.

    Until then you'll find us in the Tavern, drinking the days away till we shall sail again. Together, forever, in this world or the one below.

  • @lizalaroo
    The best Captain and his crew

  • All your loot, are belong to us.

  • And here is my beloved crew ^^

  • Our Crew:

  • @lizalaroo

    My crew waiting to enter the hideout of Athena's Fortune

  • @lizalaroo

  • @lizalaroo

    5th times the charm !!!

  • After being stranded at sea for days one of the fearsome Ashen Lords caught up to me accompanied by my only other crew mate Señor Pollo and we both meet our fates atop this rock in the waters of shipwreck bay.

  • This is my crew. I'm very proud of it. Best of luck to everyone.

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