Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best 'Spyglass' Screenshot!

  • Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo here!

    I am back with your next mission.......

    Winner of this competition will receive a code for The Obsidian Capstan

    Your mission?? Should you choose to accept it?

    Let's see yer best Spyglass screenshot!

    It could be a beautiful view, yer crewmate being daft, yer pet, a Meg, Kraken and so on. Let's see who can be the most creative this week!

    To add you screenshot, upload it to a photo hosting site (like Imgur) then copy/paste the link straight into your post leaving a blank line between imgur link and your text.

    There is only ONE winner regardless of how many are in your pic. You post it, you’re in with a winning chance :)
    Note that only your first screenshot will be accepted, all others will be ignored and it must be posted in the competition thread. Please make sure screenshots taken are your own.
    Deckhands decision on the winning screenshot is final.
    Code will be DM'ed to the winner so please remember to keep an eye out for a direct message on the forums :D

    Entries will be taken up until Monday 17th August at around 4PM BST
    May the best Pirate win!

    Lootin' Lizalaroo

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  • @lizalaroo

  • Here we go mates!! I'm joining this one because I have a special shot (which also goes with this week theme) taken when they first introduced pets to the game.

    Here it is:
    alt text

    GL everyone! :D

  • @biostructr curse ye, you better stay out out of this, the Obsidian Capstan is my to only have!
    May the best shot win

  • Handsome lad in the spyglass

  • Here's my take for this week!

  • Sun

  • !Look!

  • alt text

  • @lizalaroo
    Here's my funny shot from last week!

  • @lizalaroo

    Avast ye Kraken

  • @lizalaroo !

    alt text

  • Flying sloop!

    I'm sorry, idk why doesn't the picture show here

  • What REALLY happens when you climb into a cannon ;)

  • Taken during the Shores of Gold tall tale


  • Ay Cap'n,.. them skellies 'av taken to the skies....

    Skeleton Air Force

  • That looks like an angry pirate!

  • The Kraken to the North!

  • Double Ruby Mermaids

  • That happy moment when the crew chasing you gets Kraken'd :)

  • landscape of sot

  • woah

  • @lizalaroo

  • rightin the spot captin aye !!!

  • Saw the Boi when walking down Galleon's Grave:

  • The black bars make it more dramatic.

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