Sea of Thieves Community

The Sea of Thieves Community Discord is the official server of the subreddit /r/Seaofthieves. We’re one of the largest servers around and have been up and running since the game was announced.

Sea of Thieves Wiki

The Sea of Thieves Gamepedia Wiki is an open encyclopedia for the Sea of Thieves video game, written by players of the game. People are also more than welcome to join our Wiki Discord to take part in discussions, research and general sailing!

Sea of Thieves UK

Sea of Thieves UK is a Facebook group for players from or living in the UK. We are a friendly community who cover all aspects of the game, with a mix of seasoned day one pirates and fresh-on-the-seas swabbies!

Notorious Arena League

The Notorious Arena League (NAL) is where the best teams come to compete. Our goal is to provide a platform where members of the competitive community in Sea of Thieves can engage in highly competitive and entertaining matches.

Submission Guidelines

Do you run a fan community of your own? Here, you can submit it to join us as an affiliate and potentially become visible to many more Sea of Thieves players. You can be part of a private Discord server with other community leaders, directly liaising with a Sea of Thieves Community Manager. We may also run promotions to advertise our fan communities in future and offer further support and materials as this programme develops.


There are a few stipulations that we require from all listed communities.
Your group must:

  • Uphold and follow our Pirate Code and Community Code of Conduct
  • Have an active moderation team and policy
  • Have at least 1000 members and be active for a minimum of six months
  • Show high quality content with regular contributions
  • Be primarily Sea of Thieves-related and a valuable addition to the wider community

Meanwhile, there are a few things that are absolutely prohibited. Communities must not violate or promote the violation of the Sea of Thieves Community Code of Conduct or Pirate Code, and Microsoft Services Agreement or Xbox Community Standards. Communities cannot contain or promote illegal, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic or other offensive material.

Submission Guidelines

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