The Sea of Thieves is a world bursting with tales of heroic adventure, of valiant bravery. A place where friendships are made and enemies defeated. Every day, players battle terrifying sea monsters, slay hordes of skeletons and complete epic quests, returning to shore laden with booty and stories to remember. Now it’s time to share some of these, the Greatest Tales Never Told!


As time goes by on the Sea of Thieves, more and more of these emergent sagas deserve to be celebrated. So here’s what we propose: arm yourselves to the teeth using any of the tools provided in the asset bank above and bring your own tale to life in the most epic way imaginable. Make the best use you can of this treasure chest of assets including imagery, music and SFX, or get creative with our Sea of Thieves Instagram filter to tell your story to your own motley crews!

Remember, no real pirate tale is told entirely without exaggeration. We weren’t there to witness your exploits, so feel free to… add a little flair. Props, music, costumes and anything else that helps elevate your storytelling to truly legendary sea shanty levels are all encouraged.


We’re offering a treasure chest of prizes the likes of which has never been seen before: share your tale of wild adventure on the Sea of Thieves for a chance to win the gaming rig of your dreams, this MSI Trident X Plus 9SF-488EU Gaming PC, and become part of the world by having your pirate featured in an upcoming Sea of Thieves publication! Runners-up will each receive 4250 Ancient Coins to spend in the Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium.