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    In general, this feels like a new system that will get more smoothing out, but for me the biggest issue is one of immersion. Now, instead of gamboling around islands and outposts, grabbing what resource I can rapidly and naturally, I have to fully stop and open a menu at every single barrel.

    Trying to frantically grab items on the ship in a crisis is much more complicated, especially while fighting scurvy dogs. (PVP nana-grabs are a thing of the past) Trying to use this screen to grab things out of sinking or bobbing barrels is almost impossible. It slows the game way down, and forces you to look at a menu for far more time than every before.

    I guess, my big question is, What is the benefit of this change? Okay, it allows barrels to hold multiple objects, but I have to ask....is this important? Other than Curse management, what benefit does shattering immersion in this way give us?

    Would it be difficult to limit this system to a single "Cursed Barrel" on the ship, and simply leave all barrels as they were, with a small chance of "Cursed cannonballs" spawning in barrels normally?

    the new barrel management is important for the future content and new items that can be stored in them like: Fish, meat, fabric for sails and other types of cannon ammo. saying that every new item should have their own barrel is not a good solution because it just gives you another barrel to keep track off and each ship have a different amount of barrels on it.

    and if you leave it up to players, it will lead to fights over which barrels are the correct barrels as people will want to layout the ship resources to how they are used to.

  • @dark-henrik-22 I offered a few suggestions earlier this morning as well. Like using a radial menu or a single smaller box menu over or near the containers while keeping the buttons as close to possible the same use and functions.

  • @khaleesibot The new inventory system is terrible. Suggestion. Have a barrel on the boat specifically for cursed cannonballs. Then you can keep that one the way you currently have it. There is no need to have a cannon barrel, banana barrel or a plank barrel different then what it was like before this most recent update.

    This new inventory system has destroyed the PvP/PvE element of this game and has made it unplayable. I’ve also noticed you can store an unlimited amount of each item in these barrels. Ship management was part of the game. Not anymore it seems.

    Another suggestion may be to make some of the cosmetic barrels below the ship to actual barrels you can store specific cannon balls into.

    Listen the point is; second count. You need to be able to grab and go or you die. And you need to have a limit on what you can have on the ship so you can even the playing field. Please don’t let this game die over this poor decision.

  • I believe the old system was scalable if done correctly. Additional food items could be stored in the food barrel and function the same as bananas. We don't need a bunch of different items that heal for different amounts imo. I'm not sure what they would add for new planks, so that seems like a non-issue. Space could be freed up in the radial by removing 2 of the the instruments and allowing you to only equip 1 'favorite' from the equipment chest. This is a "fun" item, you don't need 3 different instruments at once. Cursed cannonballs could be added to the radial, but only take up a single slot. Maybe you can only carry around 1 type of curse ball at a time. And other solutions could be arrived at as the game continues to evolve.

  • One thing I do find confusing / what’s the point of the equipment tab, all the gear is available already with LB. just get rid of that and have “resources” as the first tab

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    One thing I do find confusing / what’s the point of the equipment tab, all the gear is available already with LB. just get rid of that and have “resources” as the first tab

    I unbounded the equipment menu button, its now my quests, RB is jump, and all of my other buttons are bound to combat items.

  • @funnylandmine
    I have to add even more to the unconsistency list. The conversation with NPCs is now even more weird concidering the new menu. You have to speak to them by pressing "R" (Why not "F" like you do with almost EVERYTHING else?). The conversation-window has to be closed with escape and you have to talk to the NPCs by either clicking onto the sentence you want to say or press enter (Why "enter" anyways? You have to let go of your mouse to press that key since your left hand is on WASD). To leave that menu again, you guessed it, you have to press "escape". My suggestion is either you can leave every menu in the whole game with "X", that way you can adapt to the new menu far better. The enter-thingy is weird anyway:

    1. Speak to NPCs with "F"
    2. Move through the conversation-window with "WASD"
    3. Accept the sentence you want to say by pressing "F" again
    4. Leave any menu by pressing "X"
  • I hate the new barrels. It's a tedious extra step to restock and it can get you killed in a number of situations. I can imagine making a grab at floating bananna barrel as a shark attacks and instead of being able to jam a quick health restoration, getting killed as I navigate the popup.

    Please guys, put it back the way it was. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • The only thing I would want to change is how the barrels on the ships works. When on a ship the barrels should work just as before. It was fast and easy to take or deposit what we needed in stressful situations.

    All we need is a barrel for cursed cannonballs on the ship. And they would work as they do off the boat with several types of cursed cannonballs inside it. It's ok if it take a little more time to get those out. But not everything else on the boat.

    I really like that barrels now contains several items. Now it's a little exciting to look inside one to see what's there.

  • I can see everyones point on this but it will have to stay with the way the game is going. I would of been shocked if all you could get in barrels in a years time is still planks , cannon balls and banannas, and setting up new barrels for every item would eventuly just be too much. All it meant to us is that we have to remember to grab stuff before we fight and board, and now we concentrate on ship play more than the boarding which to be honest I like. Gathering isnt that much more time consuming if im honest and the cursed cannon balls change the meta which again needed changing . Once it gets smoothed out it will be fine and we will be used to it again most people dont like change for change sake you see it all the time. Its really a nice change after the grind to Athenas 10 aswell.

    N.B just a further note, from the rowboat video it was already on thier road map to do this and was always going to happen they probably have a few iterations of how to do this so it will keep changing and changing until its right the guys at Rare do play the game.

  • Playing on PC, really the barrel update was honestly not as terrible as it had sounded reading the forums, and I think it is a better overall design once you get used to it; however, you absolutely need to add an option to hold "F" to loot all, hold "R" to deposit all, as well as a display that the barrel is empty. That needs to be added asap and I think there would be a lot less grief over the change.

  • It's been said already...

    1.0 and 2.0 can work together!

    • "Tap" pulls resources out of the barrels without going IN to the new UI menu. "Hold" (same time as picking up a chest) brings you into the new UI menu. Simple! When you are on a ship KEEP the assigned barrels that way you can still run to the banana barrel and still pull out bananas quickly...same with cannonballs...same with planks
    • Add an "empty" tag on empty barrels and if you are full on all the supplies that the barrel has to offer make it appear "greyed out". So as a pirate you don't waste your time.
    • Switch the "TAB" menus. Make resources first.
    • Make a special dial when you have "cursed cannonballs" in your hands. This way you can select the cursed cannonball you want quickly

    If RARE adds the above. It would solve this crisis.

  • All these fanboys defending the barrels saying it will be great to add new things. Please tell me why it matters if I repair my boat with a plank or whatever other item they put out. What does it matter if I eat a banana or whatever else random c**p they release? Are we going to have power up food? So the game gets more rng and less skill based? Gotta go farm special power up food like you have to get special cannonballs now? Stop making overly complex systems for a simple game. The game is fun now because a combination of simple systems makes it complex. It is fast and fluid. Menus are neither fast, nor fluid, and items items to an already clunky system will make it 100 times worse. Back to the drawing board with this terrible new "feature". If the game even survives to Forsaken Shores, God help it if rowboats are implemented the way these new barrels are. Shame on all the pioneers praising these barrels in the forums.

  • @pondobruin85 there is a way to bring the systems together and have the best of both worlds. IMHO.

  • @pondobruin85 not sure why all pioneers should be shamed? It can’t be that simple forever it would get boring. We beat everyone that comes near us purely down to the boarding meta now if someone hits us with the right ccb at the right time we lose and well done to them for using a little bit of intuition.

  • New post here by Mike Chapman detailing the changes and why they were made and improvements which are incoming based on feedback received -


  • @khaleesibot

    One suggestion for the barrel inventory would be to have it be seamless like the Fallout 4's "quick loot" UI model. Meaning that opening a barrel just opens a small window to grab items rather than opening a separate menu that dominates the screen/gameplay. Even though Rare is planning for a greater variety of items in the future, I doubt/hope that there would be more than 4 different items in a barrel at once, so a small window with no more than 4 slots should be all that's necessary.

    To reiterate what others have said, there should also be an "empty" indicator and a way to grab all at once. Also, allow us to store items like it was in the past.

  • Locking this one now as we have a post from Mike Chapman and a new mega thread -



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