Jackdaw's Revenge

  • Last night during community day, I was sailing the Jackdaw like always. For those of you who have managed to avoid being told by me, Jackdaw had never been sunk... Then Kraken came around. I was prepared. Perhaps this was what fed my hubris. When she started trying to pull me off of the deck, I stayed on cannons to try preventing a slam. However she pulled me off of the cannon before I could fire a second shot and she smacked Jackdaw asunder while I watched from above. I tried to cut my way out of the beast's vice but she wouldn't release me.

    She reeled and slammed me into the oily water. Then she dragged me under. The poison filled my lungs and I started blacking out but I never stopped swinging. Eventually, I was released. The water was so black, I couldn't tell which way was up and I was low on stamina. But luckily I had cooked some snake to cure the poison and keep me going until I could reach the lifeboat. Happy with her prize, she left me there. I gathered what remained of my haul and headed to port to comission a new ship.

    The Jackdaw's Revenge left Daggertooth this morning and came to rest at Galleon's Grave less than a month later. 5 Kraken encounters had been recorded in its log since departing Daggertooth and it had achieved its namesake.

    P.S. Consistent tone/tense is hard.
    P.P.S. I know y'all liked that joke about the snake.

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