[Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 4

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    This topic is focused around Customisation in Sea of Thieves. We'd love to hear your experiences on customisation in the game. From the IPG to character to ship customisation.

    In Patch Notes 1.0.6, we delivered the first wave of cosmetics into shops in the form of expanded sets for Admiral, Bilge Rat, Sea Dog and Sovereign.

    @khaleesibot said in Patch Notes Discussion - 1.0.6:

    Patch Notes - 1.0.6

    Customisation Variety

    • Regional Stock - Shopkeepers in different regions now only stock certain item sets, due to some mistimed deliveries.
    • Strike a Pose - We’ve expanded our clothing range to include the Executive Admiral, Grand Admiral, Rotten Bilge Rat, Castaway Bilge Rat, Corsair Sea Dog, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign sets.
    • Ship Shape - Multiple sets of ship cosmetics have been added to the shipwright stock. Now you can purchase and equip Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign ship customisation sets.
    • Ohh, Shiny! - Visit the weapon shops at the many outposts to find their stocks of Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign weapons. Fancy a new weapon style? We’re sure one of these will take your fancy!

    alt text

    • “Launch Crew” Eye of Reach - In celebration of being at sea for a month, we've added a special weapon to the store. This limited edition item will only be available for two weeks, so grab yours while you still can at a very reasonable price of 1 Gold!

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  • @khaleesibot
    As @felibaba requested in See clothes before purchase, it would be nice if you'd be able to see the cosmetics on your pirate before purchase.

    A relatively simple solution to this would be to copy the functionality that's currently used in the chests and implement it in the stores. This way you'd see exactly how the items look before purchase.

  • These new cosmetic and customization options are very welcomed, some of them are really nice. I'm really hoping we will see more figureheads in the future though, as the current ones added in this build are just re-skins more or less. I would love to see other kinds of figureheads, especially the ones we have seen throughout the beta and advertising material like the squid and skeleton ones. I would also like to see some new equipment options.

    I also like the regional stock, I hope that sticks.

  • Serious question. Will there ever be sets not following the Admiral, Bilge Rat, Seadog and Sovereign pattern? Just for some added variety.

  • @bloodfrenzy187 said in [Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 4:

    Serious question. Will there ever be sets not following the Admiral, Bilge Rat, Seadog and Sovereign pattern? Just for some added variety.

    Well the #SeaOfTease post in last patchnotes already showed a more Spanish Conquistadors outfit, so that's one more already. I agree though that more options would always be nice.

  • @khaleesibot
    Thank you so much for the new additions! I'm all for adding new levels of diversity to how we can all cloth and equip our pirates. Keep it up!

    It would be really helpful if we could preview items of clothing on our pirates before we purchased them, however, like when we look at them in the clothing chests. It's been said before- & would save spending gold unnecessarily on items that we decide don't look good on our characters...

    I'm a bit disappointed that there seems to be repetition in some of the new figureheads, rather than there being new options to choose from... Hopefully, we'll see new options soon?

    I, personally, would like to see some of the beta ship options become available- the alternative hull colours like black & green (my personal favourite...) They were less showy, but added more variation, which I think would offer interesting combos when paired with existing sails & figureheads... ;D

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  • So I have just updated my game with the most recent patch and now when I go into the game all admiral customisations are gone! What has happened here and why can’t I carry on purchasing such items?

  • Kudos to all the team at Rare for yet another awesome game update.

    I'll leave this here too.

    So i see the Legendary and Ghost clothing sets are both Jacket only and no Dress.
    May i put forward the idea that a Dress should be made available for both of these clothing sets.
    As much as i like the Jackets it's either a Jacket or a Dress currently in game and i for one would like more options to wear them in game.
    Any one else feel these 2 sets should have a Dress included?

  • @khaleesibot

    POrobably said before, but customisable ships eventually would be nice.

    Such as you can customise the layout below the deck, add cannons into certain spaces, even add the option of a gold vault type room with increased security so you could pick to have it and deter someone from jumping on and just stealing loot, they'd have to lock pick the door? but having this room would incur an increased weight of the overall ship, causing it to be slower with such a heavy duty room on it? Maybe this is too far and might require a overhaul of the whole ship code though?

    Other things like the ability to add a sail to the Bow of the ship?

    Give us the ability to have cannons below deck and have to open the hatches to use them? maybe on a bigger ship this would be nice as there isn't a lot of room on a galleon below deck to run around.

    Ability to add row boats on to the side to then anchor off the coast of a island and also give us t he ability to carry the loot back in the row boats to entice more people to use them?

    Just some idea's some might think they are terrible. but it's just some thought's that i've had, anyone else?

  • As a sloop player, I've noticed that the ship customisations look significantly different between the galleon & the sloop, sometimes, but the default view in the shipwright store is the galleon...

    Could we be able to cycle between the 2, so that we can see exactly what our ship will looks like with all of the different options? I know the galleons multiple sails mean for different colours & placement options for the symbols, which have taken some players by surprise. What if we could just see what we were getting?

    Also, in other news...

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  • @khaleesibot Thanks to everyone at Rare for adding more sets to the game. :) BUT, can we please have the ability to choose the colors of our ship and items either
    a. when we purchase them
    b. after we purchase them by buying paints/dyes

    I suggested a solution to choosing the color of your ship in this thread
    For clothing, I feel like you should pick the color of the item when you buy it. For ships, I think you should buy paint to choose the color of your ship.

  • It would be nice to preview an item more clearly before purchasing it because things can look misleading in pictures. Not only that but we get to see in depth what we’re buying and not lose out on gold because something looked nice in a picture but not as great equipped after purchase. Also for customisation I think it would be great for a tattoo/piercing parlour where we’re able to select what tattoos and piercings we’d like on our pirates, not only that but a hair salon/barbers where we’re able to change our hair colours and styles more clearly. It would also be great that when we buy ship design skins and clothing that they come in standard preset colours, like they do already, but make it possible that we can change the preset colours to whatever we want, like buy or unlock dyes/paints to customise the colours of preset designs.

  • Can we please be able to sell our items in shops?

  • I’m sure this has been requested before, but PLEASE, let me have a way to re-create my most unfortunate face without deleting my pirate. The creation screen wasn’t clear in the beginning that no further cosmetic customizations would he possible. I only picked the “Sea Hag” because it was the only female I saw with a gun. In a rush to get on with my crew for the first time, I didn’t know all the pirates got all the things. Lol.

  • When we hover an item in the shop there would be a 1/2 second delay and it should have a preview of the item on the right side.

  • When is the ability to change hair colour coming? Been bald since launch

  • Love the new sniper, the first thing it remind me of. is those Radiant scope you can get. where it's normal at day, an the green comes at night, very useful to use at night

  • I'd love a Barnacle Weapon and Gear Set. Pegleg, too! You know, stuff that looks like it's been sitting under the ocean, a little too long. Especially if they were a little animated. Same with a ship skin to match it.

  • Just some thoughts and this may have been brought up within the past, however, could the devs create code to have more than one 'toon' for the game?

  • @khaleesibot This update was sooner rather than later 😁

    Love the sniper! The look, the green "scope", the lore, the price.

    I like that different outposts have different items.

    Im curious as to what your gonna put on all those extra outpost docks that need a few repairs?

  • Sovereign ship and weapon skins not appearing in shop!!! Anyone else getting this??? Yes I’ve checked the correct outpost

  • @khaleesibot love the new cosmetics! Spent about 150k just shopping for a new look so that's awesome.
    However it won't be fully satisying until we can change the colors and designs ourselves. Like, the conquistador-inspired set is rad but it's golden. I want to look like I'm wearing steel, not brass, so just let me shade it myself please. Same goes for ship sails. Just give us an editor that lets us match colors, chevrons, and symbols ourselves. Everyone thinks different things look better and I honestly think I could make myself better sails if I could just max and match what's already available.
    Would also like to see a way to rotate and zoom when previewing items I'm putting on my pirate. The 'make a change, back out, emote, inspect, repeat' process isn't very efficient.

  • @twelve-js check the southern outposts? Some stuff is now area-specific

  • @seahorsesforevr all ready checked, it’s bugged and the skins are not appearing

  • @twelve-js hmm that sucks. Couldn't hurt to make a tour of all outposts anyway though right? I found five sunken ships just cruising for clothes today lol

  • @mad-mordechai said in [Mega Thread] In Game Customisation - Part 4:

    ...hoping we will see more figureheads in the future ...as the current ones added in this build are just re-skins more or less...

    Completely agree with this! If the sets are regional, why not figureheads? Why not paint or sail themes? Ancient Spires stock could incorporate the rock art. Galleon Graves stock could be themed after a Shipwreck (sails made out of a bunch of parts, etc). Golden Sands could incorporate a King Midas sort of theme. Sanctuary Outpost stock could be themed after Hippies.

    Just ideas- but I'm excited. Curious, did anyone experience serious lag last night during the game? I had major instances of delayed action, freezing, etc.

  • everything ship related is far too expensive :(

  • Was the Grand Admiral Set color changed or can we still expect the red/white/blue theme like the GA's Coat in these pictures to make its way to the game in the future? I wasn't digging the black and yellow we got with yesterday's patch, sadly. =(

    alt text

  • thnx for add more cosmetic content but that sees poor in variety on chewed and hulls sails etc.

  • Does anyone else think that the shop interfaces could be set out a bit more intuitively? It took me a while at the start, for instance, to figure out that titles could be found at the very end of the clothing shop menu (for 0 gold)- but then I've forgotten that since then, as I've bought more of them, because they are at the end of the menu. Out of sight, out of mind...

    Could there be filters put in place to sort through content- similar to the clothing chests- where we can look for hair, beards, hats, gloves, shirts, boots, trousers, titles, etc. in isolation?

    With the new content added (Yaaay!!) the shops feel a bit higgledy-piggledy. Maybe that's the idea, what with 'shipping issues' in the new patch... Purchase previews and more user-friendly stores would make things much easier, & more helpful, I really believe...

    And... ;D

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Summon the green beta hull!!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • i would love to sea a new shop in game to lean new shanties (eventually more then just shanties can be bought here... pets perhaps).
    Players could then equip a number of shanties to their instruments. Lots of potential here to give your music team a little more shine.
    Not sure what the licensing factor would be but how hbo's WestWorld uses modern music done in a late past century way. It would be great to have some modern classics done redone in a pirate way.
    Playing music is fun in the game for a couple hours max. spread out.
    Variety is the spice of life, team.

  • While the new customizations are nice. I would like to see more outside the box theme items. Like a privateer outfit or British navy theme closest thing to that is lvl 35 red merchant coat. More hull varieties and figure heads like seriously where did all the alpha/beta figure heads go? And the sails as well! Finally let us name our ships but give us the choice to switch it out if the person who names it drops out or leaves. Another option would be Shanty quests you could get from the bar keep at various taverns.

  • Why not replace the lanterns on the ship with candles like the ferry. Or the wheel or the capstain. Smaller cheaper upgrades for pieces of the ship. So you can start customizing early if you want or just add some new flash to your hull and sails. Also can we please make the Kraken worth something....anything. it's a neat encounter but so what since I don't even get a banana for doing it.

  • @khaleesibot When I logged in on launch day I was a bit distraught because from watching all the art team videos about the clothing options it sounded like it was going to be really cool, wierd and creative, and all I found in the stores were essentially only 4 sets which are basic stereotypical pirate clothes, with still not many options at that. The new customization options are great and sound more like what I was expecting. Peg legs shaped like goats legs, or made out of a shovel or a broken bottle, Awesome new hats, wildly varying types of shirts and coats, a freaking suit of armor made of gold, and much more variation in beards and hairstyles which in a pirate game is essential. Its at the level of variation I was expecting at launch, and If this is only the first wave of new clothing Im extremely excited. Two suggestions I would like to make is most importantly, variation in weapons for the sets, and secondly at some point you should make higher level variations of the sets we're getting just now. It would also be pretty good if they were more varied from their level 1 counterparts than the older high level set variations are from theirs if that makes any sense. For example there should be a silver imperial sovereign set that looks more like basic steel, but might even have pauldrons (The metal shoulder things on a suit of armor that make it look cooler and bulkier). They said in the first customization video that there was a definite increase in coolness in the sets as you level up. I havent seen that but I want to.

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