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  • I’ve recently felt rusty returning to the game lately and had an idea, I feel a training mode for naval and sword combat would be a good addition to the
    game to help newer players and returning players a chance to learn the ropes or to get a warm up. Implementing this into the game seems difficult though as it would most likely have to be it’s own mode or in a hideout type of environment. It would be good fun to have sword fights and naval fights with NPC enemies in a practice environment to get a better feel of the game consistently. Kingdom Come:Deliverance has a very good practice mode that helped me to learn the ropes and better my play-style, I think this change could benefit not only new players but old and returning players aswell.

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  • my version of this is letting people on a server enter the sea dog tavern as training grounds

    a piratical dojo where people are not sent to the ferry and where there will even be a tally mode to where nobody dies it just keeps tracks of hits

    I support the idea in general, will it always be a great resource in every attempt? no

    but the opportunity is there for not only opt-in training but also opt-in socializing. Designing it in a way that allows practice without the camping/overly annoying parts of combat prevents people from getting picked on through gameplay, there will always be the randomness of personality and behavior but the gameplay being focused on practice and not on the intensity and unpleasantness of random adventure combat should allow room for positive experiences to flourish

  • @equasi I'd be down for this. The only other way to practice is to try to get on the same server as a friend.

    But if you wanna brush up in the meantime, sea forts are really good for sword practice. You can get used to using enemies as cover and timing your attacks with ranged attacker volleys so you can be cutting any bullets that get through while you stand still and combo. Also just good for sitting on your ship and practicing bullet cuts.

    Not really much you can do aside from PVP to really get that... acrobatic swordplay practice though.

    Also, if you ever manage to harpoon a live cannonball while approaching a sea fort, please tell me. I've never been able to, but I could just be missing.

  • I feel a training mode for naval and sword combat would be a good addition to the game to help newer players and returning players a chance to learn the ropes or to get a warm up.

    Best way to swim is to jump into the deep end. :p & it like any game you havn't played for while, "Like riding a bike" it come back to you real quick.
    besides...No amount of training against mobs or npc will count toward a unpredictable and sometimes glitchy/buggy encounter with a actual Player.

  • There could be this as a private server like the maiden voyage. A very small map like the last adventure with a time limit on it. Max crews 2, no loot.

  • I doubt this will be considered as the arena was removed which was this to some extent. What I'd say is, you can practice in the live adventure mode, it's the mentality you bring in terms of valuing loot so much you aren't willing to risk losing it, or just fight on your own terms when you don't have loot on board go attack someone for practice.

  • Kingdom come needs a practice mode, its combat system is complex and hard to master. In SoT, fighting pve enemies and players is your practice mode.

  • @danbeardluff in kingdom come when you talk to captain robard you can train your swordsmanship skill, maybe not a full-blown practice mode but a good way to practice combos and get the hang of the combat system.

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