Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL) Community Competition. Your Best ‘Community Day’ Screenshot.

  • Capstan: Volten1039
    6pack: Wildcardium

  • alt text

  • alt text

  • Also working hand in hand on community day.

    Sixpack: ThunderMorloc
    Capstan: Liz#6637

  • Wish I was able to get the hat, maybe next time! Congrats to those of you who did.

    Had a blast though. TEAM WORK!

  • Capstan: False Dmitry213
    Six pack: hitekes

    Ragetrox Concert


    that day, we were gathered as a community, making the new video for the beginning of the league

    Capstan: Friends
    6 Pack : Frinds

  • Obsidian Six-Pack: CHN Karuro
    Obsidian Capstan: blauublue

  • My friends and I did not meet anyone nice on Community Day

    But we did have a fun old Brawl with everyone's favorite Kraken, so i'll share that picture instead since i wasn't lucky enough to meet nice people

    alt text

  • O6-pack: DubstepSnail

    Capstan: (Me) OddDuBstepzZ

    Good luck everyone! 😁✌

  • Who was responsable for the ship btw guys??

  • Selling the loot the quick way

    Capstan to me: Minerle
    6-Pack to: OnlyPvPepega


    Always these Parking disasters and this time we ended up in the lake of Dagger tooth, such a stressful community day nothing is working....

    (code to me)

  • 6 pack :oOoDoGaNoOo
    captain : to me

  • Although I haven't won it before, taking pictures is one way for me to experience the beauty of Sea of ​​Thieves. Thanks for the photoshoot event and Happy Community Day to everyone!

    Capstan: Assassinjeou
    6 pack: CamilaNie

  • A member of 3 different crews, posing with our three Chests of Legendalt text

  • Classic Glitterbeard
    wipes tears

    6 Pack: PowderyCosine83
    Capstan: kinkyhorse420

  • Guess who drew the short straw of taking the kegs to go sell?

  • I miss the arena community ;(

    capstan: Tyfoons
    six pack: Genesis Vexi

  • Enjoyed Community Day Season 5 with my Crew and our Skully friend :D

  • My brother and I on community day. The best crew mate on all the seas!

  • Me and my friends after our long long journey of 12+ hours of sailing today, have made it to Ancient Spire Outpost to sell our loot and spend the money we just made.

    The Boiz

  • Dropping anchor for now as its time is done, but pop back tomorrow to see who’s sailed away with the loot and your next mission… should you choose to accept it!

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