what's your favourite/best SoT moments?

  • Because sometimes a zombie thread is a good thread.

    Tools not rules Deckhands.

    There is a lot of salt in this update. Figured we could balance it with some "good feels" stories.

    Or stories where you were THAT pirate ☠ 😁


    Necromancy is an art. Like your game.

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  • @scheneighnay

    That absolute cackle 🤣

    The random weird glitches are definitely a fave.

    I like when I'm playing with my kids. The Legend and The Troll.

    Me and The Legend duo sloop. Max efficiency from both of us. Sometimes he gets ballsy and will go off and either sink or ally some random ship that was getting too close.

    The Troll... well. We pocket the blunderbombs quickly around him.

    But sometimes we brig and do vaults (and the Troll is in a cooperative mood) together 🥰 and it is amazing 👏. We've cleaned out Gold tier vaults in less than 2 minutes. We were at one of the easy load vaults and we had all but a few trinkets on the ship before the Vault closed.

    I wish I could get my daughter into running gally with us but SoT ain't their thang...

  • Fact you get to play with your kids is the bees kneees Pithy

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    Can you even call it a zombie thread if it was halfway down the front page

  • Over time they seem to have all become one

    not unlike Big Fish where the characters of different experiences become integral to one story.

    There have been so many experiences, so many characters, all as important as the others, one lead me to another, in some way

    I don't think I have a favorite chapter or a favorite character anymore, I just appreciate the heck out of them all.

  • All Hail to the Necromancer ... Blimey , i like a little Rebellion ...Ow , do you hear a thing ? Me neither ...Great work , the Banhammers are silent...

  • Well, I'm kinda new to the game so maybe I'll add some experiences in this thread (or maybe I'll become a necromancer myself if this'll go down), but this is actually one of the best I got.

    Few days ago, I sailed as usual solo slooping, I got a cannon-equipped rowboat at the outpost I spawned at and I immediately got caught by a skelly ship (I think that was a gallion btw).
    The problem is that I was minding my own on the table map figuring out which island I should explore, when I heard multiple kabooms and noticed my ship got smashed. There were too many holes, and I had no wood on me because (my fault) I expected this to be a quiet journey, since my spyglass revealed nothing when I looked at the horizon (maybe the sloop was hiding behind a rock). So the ship was getting messed up, I tried to mend it the best I could and I fired back. Maybe I lost some holes, maybe I was not fast enough to mend the new ones the galleon cannons caused to my ship, but in the end I sunk. Filled with frustration, I began to chase the gally with the rowboat firing at it with the cannon, when a Brig showed up, with a reaper flag raised. I was 100% sure they were gonna kill me and steal my rowboat, but they instead got me on their ship and helped me sink the galleon. They then waited for me to come to raise the alliance flag and sail together. In the end we got sunk and sold nothing of our treasure but I enjoyed sailing on captain Redbeard's (he got a redbeard, so I'll call him like this) brigadine. I think getting allies and forming bonds like this makes it more enjoyable.

  • My first Sea of Thieves moment that I will always remember occurred during my third or fourth week, when I joined my second sloop open crew.

    It was dark, and the ship looked amazing! It was of course the complete Ashen Dragon set. The young captain of this set had the curse and matching outfit.

    Prior to this sail, I had only really seen the vanilla cosmetics as I did my best to avoid everybody.

    The Ashen Dragon set put a spell on me. I felt like I was seeing winter holiday lights for the first time. It was magical.

    We only sailed together for about an hour, and then he signed off. I was so new, that I didn't know 'making friends' was a thing yet.

    All I knew is I had this beautiful ship all to myself.

    I remember that I felt mighty and strong, and sailed with a boldness that I had never experienced before. This is the memory that I cherish.

    Hours later, when I was ready to log off, I said a special 'Thank you for the inspiration' to the Ashen Dragon shipset, and promised to make her mine someday soon.

    Approximately, three months later, I finally organically completed the entire Ashen set. To this day, it remains one of my favorite sets of all time.

  • I was being chased by a duo that I didn't feel like bothering with and they hadn't become an iminent threat yet so I wasn't gonna mess with them until I got where I was going in the first place.

    Then another sloop sails by and fires a cannon. Then a pirate is directly on my deck. I would have been shocked if a cannonball even hit me at that range but this guy landed directly on my deck. I got below deck to get meat and switch to blundy and I hear cannon-fire. I wait in the cabin and see him just shooting the cannons. Then he goes over to me and is like "Hey." behind him I see the ship that was chasing me sink and I thank him for the help. He says Np and then cannons off.

  • Well, haven't had a GOOD moment but this is one. Me and my friend were stacking our sloop with some sea fort loot, then all the sudden another sloop was right in front of us! There looked like to be someone in the water, I tried to raise the capstan but before then we were boarded my friend died I tried fighting back with blunder bombs and cutlass and we ended up killing each other. Now my friend rose the capstan and we sailed away, not before long they caught up so we angled our sails and sailed where ever the wind brought us, but all that was useless the y had asked for half the loot but before I thought about doing so... BAM was sniped from the fence on top of the captains quarter's. So the answer was no I'm not handing over my loot to some hackers, so I had boarded them I was unable to snatch anything form them but raise their capstan. We went over storms mist and two megs but even then after half an hour they still chased us. I told them to shut their auto aimers off and luckily for us we ran into a friendly reaper, we formed an alliance hoping the hackers would chase them instead... Nope and now they wanted to form an alliance, which I did not accept because they could use that to track where we are going. After going back in the storm for 15 minutes we finally lost him we sold all our loot safely.

  • The only good thing: Meeting a French duo with classic French accents who were decent. Joined them on their ship out-of-crew and was helping them with fighting a skeleton ship, only for it to end with the ship getting a direct hit on me.

    The bad thing: Too many to count, but there was this one with some Scottish dullweed and his mateys being obnoxious, the only memorable thing he said was "Noob leave the game", and was then getting angry at me and said something about ice cream.

    The bad outweigh any good.

  • I have a few:

    One night during my divorce I was drinking and playing Sea of Thieves. I open-crewed with what sounded like a 13 year-old kid from England. I convinced him I was from Australia with what had to be the worst drunk Australian accent ever. We played for a few hours and had a great time!

    Another was just last night! I had just a short amount of time on the Sea, and saw there was a Skeleton Fleet up. Well, I'm slowly working towards Legend of the Sea of Thieves (maybe before the heat-death of the universe I'll get it) so I headed out to sink what I could before I had to log off (I had about a half-hour). I managed to get to the final galleon, and started firing. I had very few supplies left, as I NEVER purchase supplies, and had no cursed cannonballs. I ran out of cursed cannonballs and started using chain-shots. Ran out of chain-shots and so I was using blunderbombs, firebombs, and even FIREWORKS! They were low in the water but I was solo so I couldn't risk boarding, so I just started ramming them over and over. Ramming them until finally I got the musical cue and sunk them! I was very happy, but had to log off immediately after. I hope someone got that loot...

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