• I ran the red sea following victory after battle of sea of thieves.

    Been back playing for approx 1 week following break. I was intending to log after good night and wanted one last huzzah. I found a skele galleon and charged in. After sinking it next to reapers music played and it stated battle for sea of thieves. All in all I sank 4 skele ships with last being a sloop n galleon at same time. Pretty happy as still gaining my sea legs.

    After collecting loot around 50ish items I guess I was killed by tucker. Must have snuck on after watching battle. Anyway I rescanned killed repaired and left then a 2 man sloop crew chased me.

    They had removed most of my dwindling supplies. Only few blunder bombs. I tried boarding etc but they manned well. My issue was the constant spamming of rolling on deck over and over.

    I ultimately red sea sank us both. I was happier to lose it than them get it. I think if they had something on board that would have given them a risk/reward chance I would have fought. But I grudge fighting people that have nothing to lose.

    Yes IATA

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  • @cpn-tartanbeard is it just me, or is this hard to read?

    I understand it, I it seems you had an interesting adventure...

  • I had to ask jeeves what that acronym meant

    and from an obligation/agreement perspective no, without obligation pirates get to do what they want, some will try to control that on both sides with personal expectations but the reality is that people get to do what they want, even if it annoys the others by not being what they are looking for.

    They didn't do anything wrong and you didn't do anything wrong as neither broke agreement or obligation.

    Performance decides who gets to annoy the other more.

  • Usually when this is used the asker is. Maybe not for the exact situation they are asking about...but still.

  • I'm no fan of red sea runners, but if they're being jerks, then that's perfectly fine.

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