[MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.9 - The Seabound Soul Feedback

  • @takuboto

    I am not sure if this is intended, but there is a way to lose one of your Ashen Keys on the key-seeker voyage before you even obtain it.

    So with the Key Seeker Voyage, you dig up the first key. Upon digging, another Ashen Lord spawns as an ambient skeleton encounter.

    If you are solo and die, or if your entire crew dies, the island will reset and thus de-spawn the ambient skeletons that spawn upon digging up a treasure. This has always been in the game.

    But I noticed this mechanic had an adverse effect on our ashen key seeker voyage by despawning the Ashen Lord holding the second key, making the second key unobtainable since the second Ashen Lord was technically an ambient skeleton that spawns upon digging up the first key.

  • Encountered a bug while trying to sell a found Rum Crate. Delivery Instructions state to "Deliver to the Gold Hoarders at Golden Sands Outpost", but when I try to deliver it to the guy, I don't have the option appear to interact with him to turn it in... also, this is the first time I've seen a crate that didn't have a named character to deliver to.

  • Hello,

    Wanted you to know that New Sea Dogs Commendations are bugged.

    -Dedicated Sea Dog
    -Professional Sea Dog
    -Sea Dog Sailor
    -Sea Dog Captain

    These 4 commendations won't level up with logic.
    I've been tracking my stats since the patch and sometimes they count correctly but sometimes they don't.

    It's really annoying because having to do more matches that it required takes a lot of more times and playing for nothing makes me want to stop playing ...

    Exemple :

    Just now i did 4 wins in a row with full set on and full ship
    My stats before these win were :
    -Dedicated Sea Dog : 66 matches
    -Professional Sea Dog : 46 wins
    -Sea Dog Sailor : 55 matches
    -Sea Dog Captain : 38 wins

    After the 4 wins my stats were :
    -Dedicated Sea Dog : 70
    -Professional Sea Dog : 49
    -Sea Dog Sailor : 58
    -Sea Dog Captain : 40

    It makes no sense at all
    I repeat I check each game that I have full set on and full ship

    I really hope you'll do something about that !

    I hope you will read this message !

    ps : Sorry for my english, it's not my native tongue.

    SD Dr3dD ( Veteran Pirate )

  • One error that my crew and I experience is the tool reset bug with every load in to the game, when i load from pc in to any crew it gives me default items that I haven't bought or haven't used before.

    Then when I loaded in to XCLOUD to play seas of thieves I had my tools I set it to, No random tools.
    I then loaded in to the pc version and suddenly had random tools.

    There seems to be a pc bug where it tries to load saved items and doesn't pull correctly but on XCLOUD it does load correctly.

  • @takuboto I am not sure if the issue I experienced was due to this update but here it is: I picked up a crate of luxurious cloth washed up on an island (sea dog's rest) that said to deliver to The Gold Hoarder's at Sanctuary Outpost. It would not allow delivery of this crate, i assume, due to inappropriate tagging in the coding. The Goldhoarder on Sanctuary is Humphrey the Hoarder. I've never had this issue before, just wanted to make sure it was known.

  • ok so im not sure where to post this but what is up with fotd, me and crew just spent a little while slogging through rainbow waves of skeletons for the thing to be bugged and give us no loot we got commendations etc but no loot like honestly I wouldn't have spent that long collecting lights and get a ritual skull just for a commendation...…. This needs to be fixed

  • @cpt-crack-paro Did you kill the boss?

  • The new fire feature is my favorite thing to come to the game since anniversary update. The fire is absolutely gorgeous in the day and an eyegasm at night. I've literally had to stop and watch a ship sink that was on fire while in the middle of being attacked just because it looked so beautiful and I couldn't look away. Keep up the S class work Rare!

  • for some reason when i walk aboard another ship and take a look at the mission table i only see the mission we are on, please look into that bug

  • i have notice 2 bug since the update , athena miles stop going up randomly and today we did a fort and got the key , open the door and the vault was empty , i play since day 1 and its the first time i get a empty vault like that

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