Weekly Stream Recap - February 2020

Four more weeks, four more streams with Sea of Thieves devs and guests – catch up here!

Welcome to the latest stream recap, a place where those of you who missed any of our Weekly Streams over the past month can find a handy set of links and summaries. It was a month of surprises and laughs, as well as the occasional glimpse of Rare staff being embarrassed, which we always like to see.

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - Peeve

ระยะเวลา 2:05:30

We began the month with guest streamer Peeve on the 4th, bringing fun and frivolity to a stream hosted by the inimitable Jon McFarlane, our regular stream presenter, with SoT team Producer Michael assisting in the booth. You can find Peeve streaming on Twitch and he’s not quite as peeved as you might imagine, though he is a PvP aficionado.

The crew immediately tooled up to take on a Skeleton Fort in a beautifully mismatched ship (the Aristocrat Capstan, with that hull? Jon!) but naturally, things soon derailed and turned into pirate hunting (like the “one dead, two dead” takedown starting at around 19:06). It was a stream full of chuckles, tidbits of information about upcoming features and plenty of code giveaways. Plus, should you want to see pirates in their underwear for some awful reason, you may enjoy a minor graphical wardrobe malfunction that Michael encountered. Some programmers are currently being keelhauled for that, don’t you worry.

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - TazedandConfused

ระยะเวลา 1:59:06

Full sail ahead to the 11th, where before the stream even started we got a snippet of solid mockery of Lead Designer Andrew, who was in the brig supporting Jon and guest streamer TazedandConfused. You can find Tazed on Twitch, a streamer with tons of experience somehow only now making his Weekly Stream debut. This stream saw the Fort of the Damned open for funny business from the start, so the crew set off straight away to smash some skellies.

However, said Fort was being staked out by a Sloop and conflict soon ensued. Andrew even did a top job of setting fire to their ship with slightly disturbing persistence (“Just making sure…”). This combat-heavy stream featured Forts, Skeleton Lords and a vendetta with the aforementioned Sloop, but ended with some touching honour among thieves. By the way, what’s the shortest time you’ve held on to a Gunpowder Barrel without being blown up? Andrew set a new low at around 19:23

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - ZGphoto

ระยะเวลา 2:04:33

Did you catch the Weekly Stream on the 18th with guest star ZGphoto? No? Well, it isn’t too late! This week’s session was typical of the anarchic style we know and love from Sea of Thieves, taking place on the last full day of the Legends of the Sea update. Jon was joined at Rare by Graphic Designer Kate (owner of best boy George as seen in the header image up top), while guest Twitch streamer ZGphoto kicked us off by dropping in a Gilded Athena’s Voyage for the crew to attempt.

Jon was dishing out some info on the latest things in the works for Sea of Thieves (such as tweaks to lightning and mermaids), but dodging plenty of questions too. Speaking of dodging, check out Kate and the crew ducking and diving as a Gold Skeleton Captain and his cronies skirmished with Team Rare at 56:15. Still, the crew completed their Athena’s Voyage and managed some mayhem along the way, with ZG providing plenty of chuckles.

Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream - GullibleGambit

ระยะเวลา 2:05:16

The final stream of the month was with GullibleGambit on the 25th and took us into Crews of Rage territory, exploring this new content update for the first time on stream. Viewers could expect plenty of fire and fury and thankfully, no rage quitting. Also, sorry about guest host James Thomas’ opening pun, he went rogue. He was joined by intern of repute Jordan in the brig, who later let slip some details of mild office warfare (“if you’ve been affected by the issues covered in this stream”, etc.).

Things were immediately threatening to get fiery as Gambit went straight to the galley to cook bananas, but the stream itself was surprisingly chilled out. That said, if you want to see a Chest of Rage in action, watch the calm suddenly shatter at 16:10 when the crew located one about to blow its lid, then again just after the 48:00 mark when some quite bizarre hijinks by the Rare crew came back to bite them in the burnt bits. The team went on to haul in some decent treasure and pick up some PvP tips from Gambit – who you can find on Twitch. You can even see a nod and wink to him in-game if you follow Umbra’s Legends of the Sea!

Want to catch next month’s weekly streams as they happen, the way the Pirate Lord intended? Head over to our official YouTube channel for more streams, trailers and shiny new Sea of Thieves News updates from the devs, or you can also watch the Weekly Streams live on Mixer or Twitch. Streams run between 5pm and 7pm GMT each week on a Tuesday. See you for more in March!