A pirate of exquisit flair

  • Ahoy my names hornet hill 19 (Sir😒🤷‍♂️🤣) and I literally came of the streets , to the seas. I usually go around trolling people who troll kids, whilst getting trolled by kids myself. I claim to be the best sot player in Christchurch with little to no challange so I will accept the title " Self-intitled Seadog" im commanding the "itchy boll's" sloop so come say hi! With a keg or a grog 😂might see ya on twitch soon.... Stream snipers welcome!!


  • @new players a. Pirate legend showed me the ropes a few years ago wen I was down n out its what gave me passion for the game. I'll help new players anytime any day. Its why I play :) happy sailing!

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