Hello, pirates! Me new!

  • Arrrr!!

    Me a new pirate! Me awoke stranded on an island, with an empty grog cup and a severe headache. Me then created a raft uing some planks me found on a shipwreck, and arrived at Dagger Tooth. There, with me incredible skills and fear-inducing cutlass, managed to steal a good nice sloop from an ol' merchant! Ahr ahr ahr! Me now ready to roam the sea and make some good ol' piracy! Ahr ahr!

    Hope you enjoyed my little presentation. I managed to get Sea of Thieves after looking some videos about it, and I can't say much of it, other than I really like the idea and I wish to enjoy it as much as I can. As you may have figured out, I really like role-playing, so if somebody comes across a strange pirate yelling half-nonsense stuff from his boat, well, that's probably me. No intent to harm anyone (other than with cannonballs, but I guess that's allowed by the rules), just want to have fun with the others community members.
    If someone is interested in role-playing to make fun together, my tag is RockyPirate3209. I play on PC.
    I also wish to help this community through this forum, which might be useful, especially for those who like roleplaying, just as me.

    See you on the seas!

    (Please apologize me if I make some mistakes or get something wrong, I'm just an enthusiastic noobie that hasn't really got the full meaning of the game, so if you want to talk about this, feel free to do it, but just don't be toxic, please. We all want to have fun, right?)

  • Welcome to the SoT pirate, its always good to see new faces. RP isn't exactly smth ppl tend to do on the seas, I've been playing since season 1 and never have I ever met an RP player. However I advise u to look up some discord servers or smth - Im sure there should be some. Have a good one)

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