The ability to save outfits and equipment sets and load them.

  • The ability to save outfits would be nice. Having to manually switch every piece of my outfit when I want to pick my other look gets tedious fast, and I think it would benefit sea of thieves greatly anyways due to the insane amount of clothing and equipment available. Being able to save my currently worn equipment, clothing and vanity to an outfit slot would be very nice.

    For example, I have two outfits I frequently wear.

    A red one, with parrot equipment and a black one with ashen equipment. Being able to save both these outfits and equipment sets and quickly load them would be very useful I feel.

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  • Just going to copy and paste my reply to a similar thread from earlier this week......

    I've always been of the mindset that the current method of changing player/ship cosmetics is a tertiary part of the natural gameplay loop. There are things in this game that seem to be intentionally obtuse a bit, requiring you to spend time below deck or away from your ship. This in turn keeps you occupied and affords other ships the ability to approach undetected for a time.

    The same theory holds for other things the community has asked for, like wheelbarrows to turn in multiple chests at once. Time spent away from your ship and with your attention being pulled away from the horizon could be a very specific design choice, and amending too much of those activities could impact the gameplay loop in negative ways.

    Just my thoughts.

  • the more cosmetics you get the more tiring it becomes to exchange items, creating sets of clothes and ships should be mandatory in a game where the rewards are skins.

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