I decided to swim to every island in Sea of thieves

  • Like the title says I decided to swim to every island in sea of thieves and I managed to do it in one life. It took me just over twelve and a half hours and I killed 130 sharks.
    Highlight video here
    Full swim video here

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  • As Reinhold Messner responded and Roland Tembo later referenced

    "I didn't go up there to die, I went up there to live"

    that's quite a thing you've done, congratulations

  • Impressive work!

  • @silentdemise796
    @Meroviel, @triheadedmonkey
    Hey Rare! I would like to formally request that Silent Demise 796 be put into the game as a part of Umbra's Legend's of the Sea. This is something seriously impressive that I think needs to be commemorated.

videowindows 10
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