Sea Of Thieves should change their crew size ships.

  • so how cool would it be if sea of thieves made the sloop a 3 player a brigantine a 4 player a galleon a 6-5 player ship i think it would be legit so we could have bigger battles and more crewmates.

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  • Ah yes it would be so much fun encounter a 6 player gally while on a sloop and be spawn killed.

  • @cowboy-caleb-07 although your concept would prove interesting, Rare won’t be increasing crew or ship size any time soon. You can read about it here :)

  • @lizalaroo which is a shame because ship battles would be much more exciting and better fought with 3 on a sloop 4 on a brig and 5 on a galleon.

    That is the proper balance for crew sizes.

    Every ship size could than send boarders while still applying pressure with cannons and ship management.

    And even with an extra person on the ship each ship can still sink just as easily as they do now with the current crew sizes.

    They way we play the game now as veterans is way different than how we played when we first started and the crew cap should be raised by 1 per ship.

  • I disagree solely because it would further increase the difficulty for solo sloop players.

general1.8kcommunity1.6kjust for fun819xbox one807
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