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  • Our March content update, Heart of Fire, is live! This month's main focus is a brand new Tall Tale that delves deeper into Stitcher Jim's suspicious activity on the seas. Alongside that we're bringing a new voyages for Pirate Legends titled Athena's Runs, the Chainshot, the Blunderbomb and (breathes...) new cosmetic drops for the Black Market and Pirate Emporium.

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    The latest release notes can be found here once available: https://www.seaofthieves.com/release-notes/2.0.13

    Heart of Fire: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update

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  • strawberry beard does not let me

  • brig arena?

  • @treefittymonsta said in [MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.13 - Heart of Fire Discussion & Feedback:

    brig arena?

    You know the answer

  • I shall sample it tomorrow on my day off. But if I find the loading times have taken a further nosedive on Xbox I will be straight off again..

    Never known an Xbox game to require an SSD to actually play it..

    Find myself concerned about the blunder bomb and just how long a mermaid back to the ship will take me? Think I know the answer..

    Wake me up when the series X launches if its still afloat.

  • @takuboto

    Thank you for your attention to the Pirate Legends of your player base in this update! While it is another voyage, it is quite clear that the initial steps have been taken here to expand the Athena's Fortune progression route, building the foundations for more meaningful expansions to this part of the game.

    It's always nice to see another Tall Tale, too. Solid update all around in terms of the content!

  • Is there fire?

  • I am not able to make purchases from duke, any trading company or the emporium its bugged

  • @stillvill eh, just a few cinders here or there. Definately nothing like lava or anything. Shouldnt be anything of worry.
    What's this?? oh its nothing, my arm is not burnt or anything. Nope, no fire.

  • Pirate emporium is broken as of this update. You can spend as much cash as you want on ancient coins but you can't purchase a single thing right now so it's a complete rip off at the moment.

  • @wajuwanmekill its not broken, this happens every update. A lot of people are trying to buy all at once.

  • Are Ashen chests and keys, along with tomes going to still be obtainable in the world? Also are are ashen forts and fleet battles still going to be appearing to get chest and tomes?

  • @cure-death Ahoy matey!

    All the ashen chests and keys (and their voyages) are still in the game... so no panic there!

  • this is a horrible tall tale for solo players.
    you get camped every time you try to leave with the chest.
    its impossible to do anything, becuase a galleon will just be waiting for you

  • @matthew-the-raw Sorry to hear that matey!

    Did you try scuttling your ship to make it less obvious you were taking on the tale?

  • @takuboto Hey Rare! Thank you for all the update and content :) It's great!
    However, I do have some suggestions for you:

    • Nerf blunderbomb
    • Nerf chain shot

    As of now, they both do too much damage to pirates and the ship respectively.

    In, my opinion their power should be halved. In this game getting damaged is very fatal. Personally, I felt the meta was really great before the update, so please consider this suggestion! Thank you!

    Looking forward to the Pirate Legend new loot and unlocking the Ashen skin!

  • Hello. Since the previous update i have been getting a freezing bug. It seems to happen when i get close to other players. Any idea what is causing this? I play mainly with 2 other players who are both also having this issue.

  • My 1st 15 minute impression while solo-slooping:

    1. Gathered supplies.
    2. Sailed to Sanctuary Outpost.
    3. Sank a duo sloop. Took 3 tries with chainshot - that is some short range!
    4. Sailed back to Golden Sands.
    5. Attacked a galleon that spawned there; dropped 2 masts.
    6. Got boarded and blunderbussed off my own ship.
    7. Healed and tried to climb the ladder. No luck; sent to Ferry.
    8. Respawned to find ship had sunk.
    9. Cursed myself for not using blunderbombs to take back my ship.
    10. Went to eat dinner.
  • wait there's no new voyage for non pirate legends?.. rare are u kidding me lol.. the game is going be more dead than last update?

  • @galactic-geek if u get close enough to shoot chainshot at a galleon, ur solo slooping wrong.

  • @treefittymonsta Hey, if you are not a Pirate Legend yet there is still alot of thibgs for you to do in the game! Continue your grind and you can buy these new voyages too. If you are very eagar to try the New Athena Runs try to find a Pirate Legend in the official Sea of Thieves discord server to do one with you. :)

  • This is in part of the ”Fixed issues” in the release note for Heart of Fire. ”Players previously affected by cosmetics not persisting between sessions should now find with this build that their loadout has been repaired. After equipping cosmetics on this new build, these should now save correctly between sessions.
    Ashen Chests are now blocked from being sold until all items inside are removed.”

    This is not correct since none of the cosmetics are saving for me or my crew so the bug still persists and managed to survive another update.

  • @eli-eel-eye I'm PL and Athena 10. I think it's silly they didn't come out with stuff for all pirates.

  • @treefittymonsta Dude they do every update so what if thay have quests that only legends can bye it's not going to stop non legends form doing them and people have also be asking for more legend voyages for a long time so calm down.

  • @oh-long-royal I am calm. still think it's silly

    also there's a bug. if u have chainshot u can't select normal cannonballs, but if u don't have chainshot in ur inventory u can select normal cannonballs.

  • This "update" doesn't work for me, (i don't find a forum with "bug and issues" for the last update so i post here sorry), didn't launch at all so i deleted the game and try to reinstall...

    Now since 6h the download don't even work :) only "error"... the other games of microsoft store/game pass can be downloaded, only SoT have issues.

  • @needsmokes even with a ssd the loading times got longer since that update, not as long as without it, but longer then before the update

  • @schwammlgott

    That's what i feared.

    The loading issues have started to seriously annoy me to the point i no longer find myself itching to play this game anymore. (New update, 4 days off, doubtful i will try it)

    I could spend money buying an SSD and solve this poor performance i find myself with, but i plan on getting a Series X on launch, so i see no point in wasting money for something i won't need later this year. I have the Xbox one X, i have the fastest fiber broadband available to me in the UK, and if a console game can't play properly with that, then there is a problem, and one perhaps Rare need to start taking notice of. Maybe other players are happy to carry on tolerating the ever decreasing performance, that's fine. But for me, it has begun to sour the whole experience.

  • @needsmokes a ssd won't change anything to the performance of the game anyway...just loading times get better and textures load in a tiny little bit faster

  • Ancient mega keg has a green explosion!! Love it! Thanks for listening our feedback in Insiders!

  • @treefittymonsta said in [MEGA THREAD] Update 2.0.13 - Heart of Fire Discussion & Feedback:

    @galactic-geek if u get close enough to shoot chainshot at a galleon, ur solo slooping wrong.

    Yep. I made the mistake of thinking it was vulnerable because it was docked. 😅

  • Hmm missed almost every chain shot its no good so far 🤦‍♂️

    No use for blunderbomb so far..🤷‍♂️

    Sunk 3 boats but they got no loot 🤷‍♂️

    Voyage is not funny the big islands are a pain to search 🙆‍♂️

    The loot looks good and sounds great on turn in but for 50 dubs well i dunno we do it for the commendations and legend gear i guess 🙆‍♂️

  • @galactic-geek yep. been there done that.

    when I approach a ship, in my mind, I say this is the best crew in sea of thieves.

  • Dying while fighting the Gold Hoarder can send you into Flameheart’s Lair!

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