Something is lurking below the waves & we are not prepared for it...

  • Ahoy, mateys.
    Today I would like to talk with ye about something...important.
    I don't know about ye, but I think that something is stirring up below the waves. Isn't it Strange or Suspicious that after we have defeated 'eir Queen, them have did nothing. And after we have intruded into 'eir Kingdom, pillaging 'eir Shrines & plundering 'eir Treasuries. Them still did nothing.
    Aye, some of ye can say that them did something, tried to protect 'em. But, I'll only say:"Belay that!"
    Aye, them did try to protect a Queen. But we took 'em by surprise. Underestimation was 'eir biggest mistake, which 'em will do no more.
    That's why 'em constructed a plan to lure us into 'eir Kingdom deeper. Them allow us Plunder 'eir Treasuries and Pillage 'eir Shrines to distract us from what is actually happening.
    That's why there is so little Guard in Treasureis and none into Shrines. 'Cause while we pillaging and plundering, them sinking our ships, collecting information and resources to return what we have stolen from 'em...and that's what scares me the most.
    Heed my words mateys, something coming of the tide & we are not prepared for it.

    With Best Regards,

    Selgewick The Seaman
    Chronicler of Legend
    Captain of "Fearless Nightgale", "Prometheus", " Revenge of Atlantis", "Golden Privateer" & "Wrath of the Sirens"
    Guild Owner of "Chroniclers" & "Fearless Privateers"

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  • I did what I always do in situations where I don't really understand what someone is posting. I read it as if it was a red hot chili pepper song.

    I feel like I understand this much better now.

    I'll stay tuned, I love a friday night creature feature.

  • @selgewick Don't worry, the mermaids and the entire Sea of ​​Thieves will feel Flameheart's wrath

  • @lleorb May the Flame Burn, matey.

  • @selgewick I'd love to see/get a new sea creature. A sea serpent of some sort seems pretty cool! Though I don't know how feasible that is to add ( or any new sea creature at that).

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