We’re a month into Season Two and with Reapers vs. the World well underway, there’s lots to be getting on with as you earn more Renown and work towards the remaining rewards. In the meantime, the team have been hard at work on new Pirate Emporium treasures and further fixes to improve the Sea of Thieves experience!

Sea of Thieves Season Two: Official Content Update Trailer

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For a look at everything featured in Season Two you can view the original release notes here, and for a breakdown of what the second month of Season Two brings, read on...

Game Events

As The Reapers’ Bones continue to hunt other Trading Company Emissaries and claim their Flags throughout May, their gaze turns to the Order of Souls and the Merchant Alliance. Players can now choose whether to fly these Trading Companies’ Emissary Flags or side with the Reapers again. Talk to Larinna to learn more!

Pirate Emporium

The latest Emporium restock adds the Shining Pegasus Ship Collection and new emotes ahead of a big spring sale at the end of May. There’s also still plenty of time to pick up the Season Two Plunder Pass and add extra rewards to the mix as you build your Seasonal Renown!

Outpost Cosmetics

Azure Ocean Crawler Set

  • The Outpost shipwrights, along with the clothing, equipment and weapon shops, now offer the Azure Ocean Crawler set for purchase. Players must obtain the Hunter of Trophy Fish Commendation to unlock access to this set.

Blackcoat Executive Admiral Set

  • The Outpost clothing shops now stock the Blackcoat Executive Admiral clothing set, available to purchase for gold.

Wailing Barnacle Instruments

  • A delivery previously thought lost has washed up at the Outposts! The equipment shops are now pleased to offer Wailing Barnacle musical instruments for purchase.

Black Market Archive

  • The Black Market Archive has been retired and is no longer looked after by Larinna. All Black Market Archive cosmetics are now available from their respective Outpost Stores.


New Forts of Fortune!

  • A wider range of Forts can now arise as fabled Forts of Fortune. Shark Fin Camp, Sailor’s Knot Stronghold, Lost Gold Fort and Kraken Watchtower have joined the locations capable of housing this dangerous encounter.

Emissary Trade Route Balancing

  • Each Outpost now offers a wider range of surplus stock for purchase.

  • The cost of purchasing Commodity Crates has been reduced, along with the reward when sold.

  • Crates in surplus at an Outpost will now sell at a lower price than regular crates.

Resource and Commodity Crate Limits

  • The crew limit on purchasing Resource or Commodity Crates has changed. Crews can now only purchase one of each crate from any given Outpost during every five in-game days.

Steam Invite Notifications

  • Within the Gameplay Settings menu, players on Steam can now disable on-screen notifications when receiving invites from others.

Fixed Issues


  • The Puzzle Vault door can now be unlocked using the Tall Tale quest item at Devil’s Ridge immediately after using a Boar Wayfinder Totem.

  • The Reaper's Bones Ledger reward for Bronze Tier has been updated to the correct Title.

Resource Crates

  • Crews with an active Merchant Alliance Voyage or Message in a Bottle requiring the collection of Animal Crates are now able to collect purchased Resource and Commodity Crates from Merchant Alliance representatives.

  • The prompt to retrieve a purchased Commodity or Storage Crate should now appear for all crew members.

  • If a player purchases a crate and then leaves the game, the other crew members will no longer be able to retrieve the crate.

  • Trying to sell Resource Crates back to the Merchant representative they were purchased from now displays a message explaining they cannot be sold here.

Emissary Trade Routes

  • Crates of Unclassified Gemstones should now show the correct text on the pick-up prompt and in the Merchant Inventory.

  • Crates of Ungraded Tea should now show the correct text on the pick-up prompt and in the Merchant Inventory.

Pirate Emporium

  • Ship Collections in the Pirate Emporium will now correctly show that they have Collector's Sails and Figureheads available to purchase separately.

Visual and Audio

  • Visual effects should no longer be missing trails, including volcano rocks and Ashen Lord attacks.

  • Receiving damage from an Anchorball will no longer cause the visual and audio effects to persist after the status effect has worn off.

  • The Reaper's Chest beacon should no longer be visible below the chest when approaching.

  • The Sea Dog Chest beacon should now be correctly attached to the chest when a player is using a ladder.

  • The Dark Adventurers Hook no longer hangs incorrectly when idle and no longer clips into ship interactions when used.

Localisation and Text

  • Players should no longer get a pick-up interaction with non-localised text when using Vault Totems.

  • When the game language is set to Traditional Chinese or Japanese, the Emissary tutorials will no longer have overlapping text.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved game stability when collecting a Commodity Crate.

  • Further improvements made to server performance, reducing latency during gameplay.

Known Issues

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While improvements continue to be delivered during our content updates, this remains a key priority for the team.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 4.23 GB
Xbox Series S: 2.20 GB
Xbox One X: 4.23 GB
Xbox One: 2.20 GB
Windows 10: 4.06 GB
Steam: 4.37 GB


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