New Art Book?

  • Hello dear Pirates , a long time ago ( * in a galaxy far far away? - shut it ,Sunshine) , around the release of this game in the Year of the Lord 2018 , Rare released an Artbook filled with sketches ,storyboards , and pure art from their Art Department under the Great Guidance of Master of Art Mr Stephenson.

    Today , we are at the end of 2021 , has the game grown almost out of it's boundaries , has numerous updates brought us all kinds of joyous content , but .. The Art must have also been grown in huge amounts .

    Wouldn't it be possible to bring out a second volume ? There are still Fleets of Fans that would appreciate this , and Rare , you wouldn't rip yer trousers on this on the financial side.

    Would this be an option to consider , i wonder ? Or better asked , are there fans that would look out for this or i'm i standing , once again , alone on Castaway Island?

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  • First one was beautiful

    I think it would be great to release more. Lots and lots more people interested in this game now I'm sure this would excite and bring joy to many adventurers

  • I would definitely buy it

  • @clumsy-george i'd be there George in line with you matey to buy it!

  • A really good idea! Many things have changed in SOT and a tome that reflects those changes in art and lore would be greatly appreciated.

  • Did someone say merch?

  • @personalc0ffee

  • Did love the first one, would definitely buy a second one if it was of similar quality!

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