Constant "Lag Steps/Lag Stepping" makes the game unplayable

  • I am having this problem since a few days. Yesterday it only happened once every few minutes, but today, i cant take 3 steps without my character always "lagging" one step ahead. Sailing the sea is impossible because if i take 2-3 steps, my character takes another step and goes off into the water.

    I checked my internet connection and several other only games, no problem at all

    Ingame Ping is always pending between 60 and 300. always going up and down.

    Anybody else having this problem recently?

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    lagginglag steppingstuttering
  • Here is a quick video i made, where you can see the "lag stepping" (i dont even know if thats what this is called)

  • @maizmo1843 Ping fluctuating that much isn't normal. Your ping should be relatively stable, even if you're playing in a server on the other side of the planet (the ping will be higher, but it will be stable).

  • @d3adst1ck then why is it climbing up and down all the time? just tried CSGO, BF5 and Escape from Tarkov and i dont have any problems?

    I am playing on PC btw and i got SoT on the Windows Store. Internet Speed is 80mbit down and 20mbit up. Nothing running in the background (it doesnt even matter if youtube or something else is running)

  • @maizmo1843 I can't really say for sure. Were you able to play fine before and the problem just started 2 days ago, or have you just started SoT and this has been your experience the entire time?

    If you're connected behind a router, you could try to connect your PC directly to your modem and see if it still happens - that will at least eliminate your network from being the cause of the issue. If that doesn't fix it, there must be something causing delay or dropped packets between you and the game servers.

  • @d3adst1ck i started SoT 3 weeks ago, this started to happen about 2-3 days ago (but it was barely noticable then, as i said, maybe once every few minutes, and i havent even realized it most of the time)

    But today it happens every few steps, making the game impossible to play. i tried starting a few new games to "change server" but that did not help.

    i am not really sure what you mean with "are you connected behind a router"
    i guess yes, i am. i am connected via a network extender that i connect via ethernet to my pc. but i am only using the adapter since maybe a week. before i was just connected via wifi.

    could the wifi extender be the problem?

  • no, i just tried again, only using wifi, same thing happened

  • @maizmo1843 I don't think this is an isolated incident. I have fantastic internet and I just nearly threw my keyboard at my screen from experiencing exactly what your saying. The lag spikes screwed me on two separate servers in my attempts to steal an Athena. I can't play this game until it's fixed, whatever is causing it. :(

  • @maizmo1843
    I have lag spikes and a very large ping when there is something downloading in the background; though that would be above 1000 IIRC.
    Perhaps someone else connected to the same network is downloading a large file or otherwise using the bandwidth ?

  • @lem0n-curry hey there. it looks like this problem was only temporary. i just played a bit and not a single lag step. also my ping is no hovering between 60 and 90. Still have to check if this happens again in the evening

  • @maizmo1843 for future reference, this is called “rubber banding” due to lag ;-)

  • @callmebackdraft thanks :)

lagginglag steppingstuttering
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