Partner Bio

Die Unterhosenbrigade (Underpants Brigade) is a permanent Sloop duo, sailing the seas since the Alpha in 2016. The name arose naturally, because of the signature look of our pirates. We are Loki, the Fastest Pants in the West, our face in front of the camera, and Leator, AKA Always Hides a Plank in His Pants, who is taking care of our socials and connecting communities. Due to our loyalty and friendship, we are able to complete all Commendations and tackle any challenge the game throws at us, carrying the most important thought of the game in our hearts: “We shall sail together”. We put special emphasis on good sportsmanship and building a Non-Toxic Zone, where everybody is treated with respect. It doesn’t matter if you've been playing since launch or you've never played in your life: our stream always offers something to learn from, be awed by or laugh at.